Field Service Investments

Field Service Investments to Make Before Paying Taxes on Profit

Sometimes when we work with field service organizations, we get financial accounting questions. This is fine, although a little bit odd at first -- we create and maintain field service management (FSM) mobile-first software, and we are by no means accountants. But because these questions do arise, we wanted to dedicate a quick entry to them. It’s important to lay out a couple of caveats up front before we do, however:

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Field Service Techs

Dress Your Field Service Techs for the Cold Weather

There’s a good chance your field service techs will never show up to client sites looking like this:

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Retain Field Service Techs

Retain Field Service Techs Without Spending Money

Typically, based on decades of research, there are four major reasons that people leave jobs:

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Field Service Business

How to Keep a Business Running While Home for the Holidays

If you’ve ever had an office job around late December, you’ve probably observed a few different conundrums that arise. Usually, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a complete dead zone in offices -- at least in terms of physical space being used. Oftentimes, dependent on what day of the week January 1st is, that next week is the same way. (And heck, sometimes the week before is the same way too.)

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Tech Downtime

The 5 Reasons Your Techs Have Too Much Downtime

If the first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club, you can probably argue the first rule of field service operations is that you don’t want field service tech downtime. Your technicians are the lifeblood of your business, whether you’re doing electric, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, or anything else. They’re the people in front of customers. Referrals and retention will come from how they work with those customers. That’s the simplest explanation for field service revenue, and we’re not even done with the first paragraph! Where’s our award?

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Field Service Growth

Does Your Field Service Business Have Growth or Is it Just the Weather?

Because some field service industries -- especially HVAC -- tend to be seasonal in nature (or at least have more business in summer and winter), there’s sometimes a financial confusion that takes place. Managers assume growth (perhaps from an increased effort in marketing a field service business) when, in fact, it wasn’t growth -- it was a seasonal abnormality that led to higher-than-expected revenues.

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FSM Software Savings

Worksheet For Calculating Field Service Software Savings

We talk about dozens of different field service topics on this blog, ranging from wearable devices to marketing approaches to having more cash flow on hand. All are noble (if we do say so ourselves) and all have a place in running a field service shop in 2016 -- er, almost 2017.

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Better Service

Keeping Your Clients Warm This Winter with Better & Quicker Service

HVAC usually has two up seasons (summer for cooling needs and winter for heating) and two corresponding down seasons (logically, fall and spring). Good news: You’re about to enter into a strong revenue season and you're no longer worried about boosting hvac sales. Bad news: If heating mechanisms even remotely falter, everything becomes “urgent client need,” and it will feel like you’re a rat on a treadmill. HVAC business seasonal downtime has some pros and cons and winters can get busy in this world.

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