Steps to Increase Your Technicians’ Efficiency

By some measures, the productivity app market is growing about 150% per year. Everyone wants to be more productive. In an era where “busy” can pile up quickly (tasks, responsibilities, and checklists), it’s often hard to navigate from “busy” over to “productive.” (They don’t mean the same thing, although many people fail to understand this.)

This is crucial in terms of your technicians. You can send techs into the field to work with clients and you can design processes by which they are “busy,” which means they have a lot to do and they’re running from place to place. That’s not good. “Busy” technicians will eventually get frustrated and leave you — maybe for a competitor.

You don’t want your technicians to be “busy.” You actually need them to be productive.

But how does that happen?

There are thousands of articles on the Internet about increasing productivity and effectiveness, and dozens of those are about service technicians specifically. Many of those articles, though, contain generic advice that’s hard to immediately implement — or they contain so much advice that you wouldn’t know where to start on your path to making your technicians more effective.

We tried to find the Goldilocks spot on this topic: not too in depth, but not too generic either. We wanted to help you focus on a few key priorities for consistently getting the most out of your technicians.

We narrowed it down to three. You can download this offer now (for free) and also get a quick visual reminder to go with it. These three focal points work for almost every type of FSO, but if you have specific questions about managing the technicians in your business as they relate to your business model, let us know. We work with hundreds of FSOs annually, oftentimes of the small business variety, and we’d love to help you too.

Technicians Efficiency