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The Key Elements of a Remarkable Service Call

Posted by John Needham on Apr 5, 2016 10:39:00 AM
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As a field service technician, kind words are worth as much as the tools that you bring with you on a service call. Providing a remarkable service call will require you to speak kindly, with knowledge and respect, to your customers. These kind words can help you to provide an exceptional customer experience, which will encourage your customers to a) call again and b) refer your services to friends and colleagues. To achieve this exceptional, nay remarkable, service call, then you need to achieve the following five factors for each service call.


5 Factors to Keep in Mind on Remarkable Technician In-Home Service Calls


Whether you are an experienced field service technician or are training technicians, the following five elements can help you to create a remarkable in-home service call. .



1. Know Your Products and Services


In order to provide a remarkable in-home service call, you must know your products and services inside and out. For example, if you are an HVAC technician who has been called to a home to repair a broken heating element, then you need to know what products you have in your warehouse that are compatible with the HVAC unit that you are repairing. Additionally, you need to know if there are service packages that your customer can purchase to provide long-term and cost-effective maintenance solutions. By fully understanding your products and services, you can more easily present viable service options to your customer.


2. Be Friendly


There is an old adage which states, "great customer service starts with a smile." When you are a field service technician, you must always maintain a pleasant disposition. Nothing is more off-putting to a customer than trying to speak with an HVAC technician, plumber, or electrician who has a gruff demeanor; after all, when you are completing a service call, you are a stranger in someone's home. By being friendly you can go a long way toward putting your customer at ease.


3. Say Thank You and Show Respect


A remarkable service call is about more than the work that is completed. It is about the feeling that the customer has while you are completing the work and after you have packed up your tools and left. Being friendly goes hand-in-hand with saying please, thank you, and showing respect to your customers. By simply saying thank you and showing respect you, can leave your customer happy, which is a large component of "a job well done.


4. Bring the Right Tools to the Job


Just as field service technicians need to know their company's products and services, they also need to know what tools they will need to complete the job. When you are training technicians, make sure that you teach them about the importance of loading their work truck or van correctly. By packing the right tools, you can go a long way toward expediting a completed service request.


5. Master Clear Communication


Mastering clear communication will help you to effectively discuss the problem and solution with your customer. When you are explaining technical elements to your customer, remember that they are not experts; as such, you need to speak simply, clearly, and knowledgeably so that your customers can clearly understand their options. 


With these five tips in mind, you can easily achieve a remarkable service call each time you visit a customer's home. Knowledge, friendliness, respectfulness, the right tools, and clear communication are the elements that every field service technician needs to bring to every in-home service call.


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