You want to avoid that call when a tech’s fifth appointment of the day is now running three hours behind. In order to improve your Our field service dispatch software contains the following:

  • Technician dispatch
  • Dynamic schedule boards
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Technician routing


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    Learn More About How Our Field Service Dispatch Software Can Help You with Technician Dispatching & Scheduling

    A main component to your field service industry business’s success is an efficient technician dispatching and employee scheduling system. The newest version of Optsy’s program works the way you do by offering users the latest field service dispatch software for optimized office and jobsite performance and communication.

    Dispatching and Scheduling

    Scheduling Changes & Delays

    Here at Optsy, we know that you do not want to receive a phone call from one of your technicians in the field saying that an appointment is taking longer than expected due to an unforeseen setback.

    A minor or major delay in your small- to medium-sized company’s schedule is not only frustrating to your customers, but also to your business’s managers and office employees who are tasked with rearranging technicians’ daily itineraries to accommodate this logistical hurdle.

    Optsy’s customizable solutions for tackling glitches in the workday’s schedule include updated software interface features to technician dispatch and routing functions. Our improved field service dispatch software also incorporates dynamic schedule boards that offer drag and drop functionality to make rerouting your technicians and reorganizing daily itineraries, simple.

    Easy-to-Use Interface

    Along with creating a smooth workflow for your business’s technicians who are working in the field, Optsy’s technician dispatch and scheduling elements also provide your company’s office employees with an easy-to-use program where manually searching through and altering schedules is neither required nor necessary.

    We understand that switching your field service dispatch software can be intimidating, which is why we have modeled Optsy program screens to be reminiscent of other widely used, familiar software.

    Optsy’s easy-to-navigate field service dispatch and scheduling display screens are comparable to those seen in Microsoft Outlook’s calendar feature, which makes the transition to our software less daunting.

    This recognizable layout helps new field service industry customers make the transition so that owners, managers, office employees, and technicians in the field can quickly learn how to operate our field service dispatch software—allowing your company to continue business as usual without disruption.

    Real-Time Schedule Updates

    This all-in-one field service dispatch software—complete with dynamic schedule boards that update in real time—makes it easier to manage your team of technicians with fewer emails and phone calls as well. Our team here at Optsy and our field service industry clients agree that our software sets itself apart from other scheduling and technician dispatching software by working the way you do.

    Dynamic Schedule Board

    Although Optsy’s dynamic schedule board appears simplistic, it has an incredibly unique functionality when held against other scheduling and dispatch software. One of the many noteworthy features within the dynamic schedule board is the ability to drag and drop customer appointments to different days.

    You merely have to click on the appointment link within the schedule board and move it to the desired time slot on any particular day. This efficient, time-saving solution makes it easy to reschedule existing appointments, and reroute your technicians to their next appointments without additional emails or phone calls.

    Throughout the entire scheduling and rescheduling process, technicians in the field are able to view real-time itinerary changes from their mobile devices. This effective Optsy function cuts back on unnecessary communication, saving your field service industry business time, and in turn, money.

    Along with rescheduling appointments, there are also times when your field service industry business will receive emergency calls from your customers. Clients may need one of your technicians to repair broken appliances, pipes, heating and cooling units, or the like as soon as possible.

    Technician Availability

    Optsy’s field service dispatch software allows a business owner, manager, or office employee to perform a technician search to see which field workers are within a certain radius of this emergency call. You can customize your search radius to ten, fifteen, twenty, or more miles within a specific date range, and then Optsy will compile and display a list of available technicians within the corresponding area and timeframe.

    All you have to do is find an available time slot in one of your employee’s schedules, type in the customer’s information, and the schedule will automatically update and notify the technician on his or her mobile device about the schedule change—without you having to place a phone call.

    Route Optimization

    The route optimization feature offered in our Optsy’s field service dispatch software is crucial to profit maximization. One time- and profit-saving attribute found in Optsy’s route optimization software interface is its ability to reorganize an entire day’s schedule in a linear order so that your company’s technicians are not zigzagging all over the map.

    Instead of having one of your employees driving to opposite sides of the city grid during the workday, our technican dispatching software will choose and compose the most time-effective routes and schedules based on the day’s jobsite locations.

    This unique Optsy component helps maintain your field service industry business’s bottom line by reducing mileage and “wear and tear” on company vehicles, and by minimizing fuel costs associated with sending your technicians to various jobsites across your company’s area of operation.

    Mobile Updates for Technicians

    Not only does Optsy’s latest version of field service dispatch software allow office managers and employees to update schedules in real time for route optimization purposes, but the mobile version of Optsy utilized by your business’s technicians also allows jobsite workers to enter data from the field.

    Our mobile dispatching and scheduling app provides technicians with the ability to update work orders with specific details from the jobsite such as arrival time, completion time, time and material required and applied, and any other additional notes that are relevant to the work at hand.

    Customer Signature & Sign Off

    Another convenient function associated with Optsy’s mobile field dispatching and scheduling app is the signature screen where customers can sign off on jobsite agreements. All of the jobsite information compiled within your technicians’ mobile apps is relayed back to your business’s headquarters or other offices in real time, which ensures that there is no loss of data.

    Then, office employees can open the dynamic schedule board, click on a specific job link from any given day, and view all of the information that techs have entered via Optsy mobile.

    Optsy works the way you do.

    This feature is another prime example of how Optsy works the way you do by allowing quick data transfer for on-the-spot work order, field dispatching, and scheduling updates. There is no double-entry required, and communication is streamlined and 100% accurate.

    If you are ready to make the switch to Optsy or have any more questions on how Optsy can work for you, contact us.


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