Merge the day-to-day activities with the overall strategy for all employees. You can manage:

  • Technician time tracking and work day
  • Skills and productivity
  • Employee record, status and contact info
  • Software user rights and credentials


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Employee Scheduling Software that Works the Way You Do

Optsy’s latest version of field service software offers business owners and office managers an enhanced employee management system featuring improved technician time tracking and dynamic technician dispatching. Our recently updated software interface replaces your field service industry company’s need for handwritten timesheets and punch clocks with advanced time-tracking technology that updates in real-time directly from your technicians’ mobile devices.

Along with our cutting-edge field staff real time tracking system, Optsy also places a special emphasis on utilizing employees’ contact information—i.e., the GPS coordinates that correspond with their home addresses—while scheduling in order to dispatch technicians who live closest to after-hours and emergency service calls.

Field Service Technician Time Tracking: Integrating Optsy Field Service Software and QuickBooks

Optsy’s field service management system is the perfect solution for your small- to medium-sized electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or other service industry business’s time tracking requirements. Our newest version of flexible and user-friendly software provides easy data integration with QuickBooks, making the switch to Optsy straightforward and hassle free. Both programs feature similar formats and functionality that provide office managers and additional office employees with familiarity for ease of use.

Similarities that Make Switching to Optsy Simple

Although switching your business’s field service management software may seem intimidating at the onset, we provide our clients with recognizable field service time-tracking components that are also utilized by QuickBooks, helping new users quickly acclimate to operating Optsy software. Our technician time tracking works the way you do by:

  • Allowing technicians in the field to enter billable hours from their mobile devices, and attach these hours to specific work orders.
  • Categorizing each billable hour according to your field service industry company’s unique labor codes, which are also programmed into your customizable Optsy software.
  • Multiplying the hourly rates attached to each individual labor code by the billable hours assigned to each work order allowing you to create real-time job costs.

Optsy’s enhanced technician time tracking system makes punch clocks a thing of the past by coupling employee and technician hours with specific work orders to produce real-time job costs for invoicing purposes.

Managing Employee Skills in Optsy’s Technician Dispatch Software

Each workday requires a strategy that allows your field service industry business’s scheduling department to dispatch the most qualified technicians to each individual jobsite. The latest version of Optsy employee scheduling software allows office managers or other authorized scheduling department employees to group technicians into specific skill categories. These skill groups vary depending on the field service industry your business caters, but the common feature among these numerous employee categories is their association to problem codes within your customizable Optsy software.

A Quick Optsy Problem Codes Overview

  • Unlimited amounts of problem codes can be created while originally implementing your business’s Optsy field service management software, or as needed by an office employee who has access to the system
  • Once your company’s problem codes have been created, Optsy provides users with the option to link specific employee skill groups to each code.
  • Then, upon receiving a service call from one of your customers, your office manager or scheduling employee simply selects a problem code within Optsy’s specialized technician dispatch software.
  • After selecting the appropriate problem code per your client’s service request, a list of technicians within each employee group attached to that unique problem code is displayed.
  • All you, your office manager, or your business’s scheduling department has to do is select an available employee from the list, and drag and drop his or her name into the dynamic schedule board.

Measuring Employee Productivity with Optsy Field Service Software

Not only can you and your office managers create employee groups based on your workers’ unique knowledge and skill sets, but you can also measure each technicians’ productivity by using the most recent version of Optsy software. Employee productivity statistics are produced from recorded billable hours that technicians assign to particular labor codes and work orders.

Optsy’s built-in billable hours report allows you and your scheduling staff to see which technicians perform particular jobsite tasks or services quickly, efficiently, and satisfactory to your customers. Your company can increase jobsite effectiveness by analyzing these reports to see which employees are most profitable for your company—comparing labor output in hours to profits gained from a specific employee at certain jobsites.

Updated Employee Records and Contact Information

Optsy’s employee scheduling software works the way you do by compiling your technicians’ contact information, work statuses, hourly labor rate records, and other related details into one detailed screen. The employee record screens allow you to:

  • Check boxes at the click of a button to specify which employees are salespeople, office staff, or field technicians.
  • Enter employee pay rates for payroll and job estimate purposes.
  • Assign employees to certain company branches or departments.
  • Grant security clearance to particular employees that allows them to access certain elements—i.e., mobile or desktop versions—of your Optsy software.
  • Attach employees and technicians to specific work crews, making scheduling simple and efficient.
  • Schedule report delivery to owners, office managers, and other office staff.
  • Perform internal asset tracking to see which tools and materials are being used by each technician in the field.

Route Optimization with Optsy’s Technician Dispatch Software

Our unparalleled technician dispatch software takes employee contact information utilization to the next level to help your field service industry business achieve optimal workday efficiency and maximum profitability. The latest version of Optsy’s field service management software uses employee records for routing optimization purposes by displaying which of your employees’ home address GPS coordinates are located closest to specific jobsites.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows office managers and scheduling department employees to create routes for your business’s technicians that correspond with roadways on which they drive daily—both to and from your main business office. Optsy’s home address GPS route optimization component also saves your business time and money on emergency and other after-hours service calls by displaying a list of your company’s technicians who live in close proximity to the particular address(es) requiring service. Optsy works the way you do by incorporating common-sense logistics into your customizable employee scheduling software.


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