Our mobile solution empowers your workforce to access what they need — when they need it. It offers:

  • Compatibility with iOS and Android
  • Work order execution, scheduling, record time/material
  • Access to data
  • Real-time sync
  • Offline work capability


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Learn More About Mobile Field Service Software with Optsy

Mobile Field Service Software that Optimizes Jobsite Efficiency

Optsy’s most recent program update includes an increasingly valuable mobile component that compliments our advanced, dynamic desktop software. Our mobile field service software provides your business with a solution that enhances jobsite efficiency by providing your company’s technicians with complete customer data access. Optsy’s mobile field service management system offers your small- to medium-sized business’s jobsite technicians:

  • Access to all relevant customer information
  • Real-time data syncing with your company’s Optsy desktop software
  • Offline work capabilities
  • Work order screens in which technicians can record jobsite time and material data
  • The ability to view and update daily work schedules
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android

Retrieving Customer Data with Optsy’s Mobile Field Service Software

Optsy’s unique mobile field service management system provides your jobsite technicians with all of the relevant customer data that your company’s office employees input into the desktop version of our noteworthy field service software. Your business’s field technicians can view your clients’ contact information, service level agreements, work order data, and any other necessary customer data that that is contained within your company’s desktop version of Optsy. Your technicians can even view customer lists, inventory levels, specific parts lists, and create new schedules and work orders from their Optsy mobile field service software.

A Dynamic Solution that Offers Real-Time Data Syncing Capabilities

One of our customizable Optsy mobile field service software’s noteworthy features is the program’s ability to perform real-time data syncing with your company’s desktop Optsy field service management system. Using their Opsty mobile apps, your field technicians can enter and save new work order data—including jobsite pictures—, and all of the newly imported information automatically transfers to your business’s desktop version of Optsy.

This real-time data syncing capability benefits your workforce’s efficiency and productivity levels by eliminating the need for numerous time-consuming phone calls between your office employees and field technicians. Time is money, and Optsy’s mobile field service software helps your business achieve maximum profitability by negating unnecessary phone or email communication between your office and jobsites.

Mobile Field Service Software that Allows You to Work While Offline

Along with our unique mobile-to-desktop data syncing capabilities, Opsty’s mobile field service software also allows your business’s field technicians to enter jobsite data even when they are offline. For example, if one of your technicians is working at a jobsite where mobile coverage is slow, limited, or nonexistent, he or she can still enter work order updates and the like.

After your technician enters jobsite data into Optsy’s mobile field service management system, the data is saved until this particular worker finds an area that provides mobile service. Optsy’s mobile app has a refresh rate that is constantly updating your small- to medium-sized business’s database in case new information is entered—or previously entered data is modified— from either the desktop or mobile versions of our field service management software.

Once your jobsite technician arrives in a location in which mobile service is accessible, both the mobile and desktop databases are updated with the most recent information that has been entered while working offline.

Work Order Information at Your Technicians’ Fingertips

Whether your business’s field technicians are working online or offline, they have access to each of your customers’ work orders, which contain all of the relevant jobsite information necessary for completing the job efficiently and on time. Once your technician reaches a jobsite, he or she can use Optsy’s mobile field service software to update work orders with job details such as:

  • Time of arrival
  • ime of completion
  • Time and materials required and utilized

Another unique feature within your Optsy mobile field service management system is the ability to gather customer signatures on service level agreements or any other documents that involve modifying and/or completing a particular work order. Once obtained, these customer signatures are transferred in real-time to your business’s desktop version of Optsy.

Scheduling Made Simple with Optsy

Not only can your technicians modify work orders from their Optsy mobile field service software apps, but they can also manipulate their workday schedules to accommodate certain jobs that run over their allotted time schedules. If your field technicians are at a jobsite, and the work order is taking longer to complete than originally anticipated, they can alter their schedules in order to block out more time at this particular work order location—all while automatically informing your business’s scheduling department employees about the itinerary change via Optsy’s mobile-to-desktop data syncing.

Easily Accessible Mobile Field Service Management Software

Although Optsy’s mobile field service software is exceptional due to its real-time data syncing capabilities that keep your office employees and jobsite technicians informed, another remarkable feature that should not be overlooked is our mobile field service management system’s familiar format. For those individuals who are accustomed to utilizing both Apple and Android device, downloading and operating your Optsy mobile app is straightforward and easily navigable.

Even for those users who are unfamiliar with smart phones and the associated mobile apps, our Optsy mobile field service software provides users with easily understandable prompts and screens that make entering and viewing both customer and company data uncomplicated. Optsy works the way you do by presenting simple solutions to managing vast amounts of complex customer and company data.

Downloading and Implementing Optsy’s Mobile Field Service Software

When your small- to medium-sized field service industry business decides to utilize the mobile component of Optsy’s dynamic field service management system, your technicians can achieve optimal jobsite efficiency while simultaneously helping maximize your company’s bottom line. Your technicians can utilize Optsy’s mobile field service software, by following these simple steps:

  • iOS users must access the App Store
  • Android users must access Google Play
  • Type “Optsy” in the designated text box in the App Store or Google Play
  • Tap the “Search” icon Once the app has finished downloading, tap the “Optsy” icon to access the mobile app
  • Select the Optsy app, and tap the “Download” icon
  • Input the required values into the displayed text boxes on the “Login” screen
  • Begin utilizing your company’s Optsy mobile field service software app

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