As more customers of field service companies choose to pay the bill with credit cards, it’s crucial to keep up by supporting credit card processing for your business.

We’ve embedded a credit card payment processing feature in Optsy’s software application so that you can process credit card payments directly from the Customer Payments screen. Once you enter the payment, it gets processed directly and, if approved, the payment is recorded on the spot.

You can accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express. Additionally, you can store your customer’s credit card information for future use, saving your staff time on data entry.

Optsy has partnered up with Fidelity Payment Solutions, a leader in the Credit Card Merchant Processing industry. We chose Fidelity for their excellent rates and unmatched customer service.

Processing credit cards directly from within Optsy’s software saves you time while offering the opportunity to tap into new markets and generate additional revenue for your enterprise.

To incorporate Fidelity credit card processing into Optsy software, contact us.