Seeing ROI Field Service Software

Seeing the ROI with Field Service Management Software

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If you’re trying to convince anyone in your business — from technicians to senior leaders — of the value of field service management software, it’s usually good to have a few real-life examples handy. What successes have other companies seen from using FSM software? What were their actual growth numbers? How many contracts did they retain?

For that, we introduce you to Leete Generators of California. They were founded in 1908 and started using Optsy in 2014. In two years, they’ve made strides internally and externally that didn’t happen in the 106 years before that. How? And how did Optsy help?

Retain Field Service Techs

Retain Field Service Techs Without Spending Money

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If you’re a small business field service shop, you need to avoid turnover. It’s costly to the bottom line and it’ll take new technicians several months (if not longer) to get up to speed. Problem: we usually think the easiest way to prevent technician turnover and increase retention is to increase salaries, but that isn’t possible for a lot of businesses. So how do you decrease turnover without increasing spend? This eBook will walk you through some concepts, including:

  • he psychology of why people leave jobs (and want to stay)
  • The role of work-life balance
  • Different approaches to recognizing and rewarding employees

You can download the eBook now. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Why Mobility Game Changer

eBook: Why Mobility Is a Game-Changer for Field Service Managers

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You could argue that the simple release of the first smartphones went on to disrupt six or seven entire industries, and possibly even more than that. Mobile is a powerful driver of business innovation and growth. It’s no different in the field service world.

Your customers expect a lot from you these days, and that includes a high first-time fix rate, the ability to pinpoint appointment times (and track techs), a smooth and integrated invoicing process, and more. They want these processes available to them on multiple devices and systems — and oftentimes, that means mobile-first.

If you’re a smaller field service organization, though, mobile adaptability and integration can be a challenge. You know it’s important, but you’re not sure how to allocate resources to it or even where to begin.

We’re here to help. We created an eBook on mobility and its impact — including some initial steps and a mini-case study. Download it here, read it at your leisure, and take a few notes. Then, if you’d be interested in beginning the process of high-functioning mobility in field service, contact us and we’ll guide you through the initial pain points.

Putting FSM Software Into Action

Putting Field Service Management Software Into Action

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If you run a small business field service operation, big money decisions can require a lot of thinking and time investment. While cost comparisons are often a primary factor, sometimes decisions get stalled simply because the company isn’t sure exactly how it would look to roll something out.

We’ve seen this with FSM software rollouts before: a business is interested in using the tools but, because they don’t know all the steps involved in actually using the tools with clients, they abandon the idea somewhere. Let’s stop that from happening because FSM software can be huge for your business and your ROI.

Here’s a step-by-step guide from thinking about FSM software right up to working with actual clients and contracts in your system.

Prepare 2017 Field Service

Prepare for 2017 in Field Service

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Every new year in a business brings new ideas, new approaches, and new commitments. Once the crush and rush of daily tasks gets rolling (usually sometime in January), we can dive right into making sure we’re doing right by customers and hitting our goals.

That’s why it’s helpful to look holistically at what you need to accomplish in a given calendar year — before it begins — and to set benchmarks, notes, and other reminders to help you get there.

This is Optsy’s guide to preparing your field service business for 2017. We hope it helps you out. And as always, if you have any questions, let us know.

Cost of Field Service Management Software

What Is The Cost Of Field Service Management Software

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It’s hard to assign exact prices to FSM software because the terms and conditions can vary according to number of users, number of locations, customizations needed, and a host of other factors. But for small businesses, cost can usually become a make-or-break factor. We’ve put together a quick guide to cost considerations when pricing FSM software. It won’t give you exact figures for every option you’re considering, no — but it will give you ranges and other ideas to consider.

Steps Increase Technicians Efficiency

Steps to Increase Your Technicians’ Efficiency

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For any service business, technicians are crucial. Your customers see your end product as the quality of service they receive, and the technicians are the ones driving that service. But too often, in a heaping list of day-to-day things we need to achieve, we don’t think about how we can make our technicians more effective. That’s a mistake.

The other problem is that when we have time to think about technician productivity, we usually find ourselves with hundreds of pages of research and articles — and we’re back to the same problem: not enough time to figure it all out.

We tried to make this easier: a simple three-step focus for technician effectiveness, combined with a visual cue to help you remember what to prioritize. You can download it all here.

Field Software Improve Work Life Balance

eBook: Using Field Service Management to Improve Work-Life Balance

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Quick exercise: list what you think the biggest strategic advantages of your field service organization are. We’ll wait.

What did you list? Probably some combination of your product, your infrastructure, your processes, your FSM software, your technicians, or your financial metrics. Were we right?

Most people don’t list ‘work-life balance’ when given this exercise, but, in fact, it’s the third-most important strategic play for your FSO according to some research.

In order to get to that way of thinking, though, you need to understand why work-life balance matters:

  • What does the research say?
  • What do your technicians and back-office staff want from their jobs?
  • What keeps an organization moving along and growing?

Find out the answers to these questions by downloading your copy of our handy little eBook that focuses on Using Field Service Management to Improve Work-Life Balance.

Worksheet Calculating Field Service Software Savings

Worksheet for Calculating Field Service Software Savings

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We get potential new customers (like you) all of the time who have heard of field service management software but are naturally concerned about the cost. How can you be sure it’s going to pay off? We decided to create a resource to help you.

This eBook includes:

  • A worksheet for calculating the savings associated with using FSM software
  • A step-by-step guide to filling out that worksheet
  • Ideas about comparing pre- and post-FSM software implementation to best calculate ROI

If you’re interested in a complete field service solution that integrates all of your business elements but are concerned about cost, check out this eBook. And please reach out to us with any questions.

Kickstart Marketing Field Service Software

Kickstart Your Marketing With Field Service Software

As a small business field service company, you need to try and do three major things:

  • Keep your clients happy.
  • Drive revenue and growth.
  • Compete with the bigger shops and brand names in your area.

All three are interconnected.

There’s one path to all three goals, and this eBook will outline exactly what that is in addition to the concepts you need to be considering.

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