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At Optsy, we look to price our service fairly, with open

and honest pricing for everyone. 


Optsy software is priced by the licence, with each licence representing a single, simutanious user of the Optsy system. 


Optsy Server- $1,879 One Time


      Optsy Desktop- $1,395 One Time


Optsy Desktop- $75/mo


Optsy Mobile- $40/mo


Optsy Server is for the Optsy Server database and includes a single Optsy Desktop license as well.  


Optsy Desktop is for full featured users at a desktop or laptop computer.  All Optsy features work with Optsy Desktop.  


Optsy Mobile is designed for field service workers who will be primarily using it in the field on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Optsy Mobile requires at least a Server license to work properly. 



Here is an example


Mario Brothers Plumbing has five employees; 2 plumbers, Mario and Luigi, as well as Peach and Daisy that work in the office. Toad helps out when he's not in school, doing a bit of everything as needed.


Mario is the owner, and he uses a laptop in the field, so he doesn't need the phone App, the desktop version works fine for him.  Mario is in and out of Optsy most of the day. 


Luigi usually works in the field and doesn't do much with Optsy software otherwise, so he has a Optsy Mobile license. And Luigi loves how easy it is to use his phone for most everything.


Peach and Daisy work in the office, though Daisy usually is only using Optsy when Peach is out of the office during lunch or days off, so they can share a Desktop license.  If Peach and Daisy start finding that they both need to be logged into Optsy at the same time, or that it's important to track who did what, then they would upgrade to a second license.


Toad is usually helping Mario or Luigi directly as an assistant, and the few times he's in the office, he can use Mario's license.


So for Mario Brother's Plumbing, they pay:

$165- Server and Mario's Optsy Desktop.
$ 95 for Peach's Desktop Optsy that Daisy uses when Peach isn't around
and $40 for Luigi's Optsy Mobile.

A total of $190 a month. 


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