FSM Software Savings

Worksheet For Calculating Field Service Software Savings

Worksheet For Calculating Field Service Software Savings

We talk about dozens of different field service topics on this blog, ranging from wearable devices to marketing approaches to having more cash flow on hand. All are noble (if we do say so ourselves) and all have a place in running a field service shop in 2016 — er, almost 2017.

But ultimately, a lot of this comes back to money and cost. We sell field service management (FSM) software, and it helps us if you buy into that software. But we also work with a lot of small businesses and, for them, cost is a potentially restrictive factor. We’ve gotten dozens — hundreds? — of our own leads over the years where people talk to us forever about buying FSM software, and then ultimately does not. In most of these cases, the problem is cost. These leads are afraid the cost to buy the software will outstrip the savings from the software. They want to know the actual savings from field service software.

So, we decided to take action. (** Cue Rocky theme song. **)

We put together a savings eBook. You need to know some core numbers about your business to complete this, but that shouldn’t be very hard. Here, you get:

A worksheet for calculating the savings associated with using FSM software
A step-by-step guide to filling out that worksheet
Ideas about comparing pre- and post-FSM software implementation to best calculate ROI (not just for field service software, but any future investments)

If you walk through the steps and instructions and plug in the numbers, you can begin to see your potential savings — and you can see how some of your core metrics (completed vs. invoiced jobs, for example, or first-time fix rate) will improve by implementing FSM software.

The best part? Armed with this knowledge, you have the ability to see if you’re actually saving money by using field service software. That’s power, my friends.

We won’t bore you with any more lead-in now. If you think a cost/savings calculator would be valuable for your 2017 decision-making processes, grab it now. As always, reach out with any questions.

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