Optsy provides features through its field task management software that make the business of doing business easy for anyone in your organization to understand and follow. Our field service task management software features include:

  • Individuals' task creation and assignment
  • Task Reminders for any user
  • Task related notes fields
  • Easy-to-use task management interface


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Optsy’s Top-of-the-Line Field Task Management Software

Your field service industry company’s efficiency and profitability goals are not complicated, and your field task management software should be just as straightforward. Optsy’s recently updated field task management software takes the confusion out of effectively managing your small- to medium-sized field service business’s operations by providing pop-up reminders for desktop users, and utilizing push notifications for mobile users. These reminders contribute to keeping your office employees and technicians in the field on schedule each workday, which helps your service industry-specific business thrive both organizationally and financially.

Create Tasks and Reminders from Any Screen within Optsy

Your customizable Optsy field task management software allows users to create tasks and reminders in any screen. All that your office managers and other authorized employees need to do is:

1. Click on the “Notes” tab located throughout numerous screens within your Optsy field service software. These screens include, but are not limited to:

  • Work order displays
  • Customer invoices
  • Parts requisition orders

2. Following step one, you will be presented with a list of sub-tabs respectively titled:

  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • Tasks

3. Select the “Notes” sub-tab.

4. Then, simply type your reminder into the on-screen text box.

5. Select the “Notes” sub-tab.

6. Then, simply type your reminder into the on-screen text box

7. After typing your reminder’s text, choose the desired day and time for your reminder to pop up on your desktop screen, or to be sent to your technicians’ mobile Optsy apps in the form of push notifications

Flexible Field Task Management Software that Works the Way You Do

Not only can you create reminders and other memos in the “Notes” tabs and sub-tabs located throughout Optsy’s work order screens, invoice screens, and the like, but you can also generate reminders from nearly any other area within your customizable field service management software. The latest update to our software interface provides your field service industry business’s office managers and other authorized staff members with a functional, flexible field task management software that works the way you do. Instead of utilizing the “Notes” tabs and sub-tabs to generate a new memo or reminder, simply:

1. Browse through any screen in your Optsy field task management software that contains any desired set of data about which you would like to create and post a reminder.

2. Locate the ellipse icon that corresponds with the data for which you would like to generate a reminder, or create a note. Note: the corresponding ellipses are generally located right next to the information for which you would like to set a reminder.

3. Click on the corresponding ellipse icon, and select the option that allows you to create a new memo or reminder.

4. Then, all you need to do is type in your desired text, and select a preferred day and time for your reminder to be sent to your technicians on jobsites, or to pop-up on your office manager’s desktop version of Optsy.

Pre- and Post-Task Notes Within Your Optsy Field Task Management Software

Another unique feature that elevates Optsy’s field task management software to the top of field task management is our software’s capability to easily generate notes from specific jobsites into the corresponding work order screens. Our software helps your field service industry business keep thorough records for each service call or extended jobsite activity.

Other field task management software allows users to create only brief descriptions to attach to particular work orders, but your customizable Optsy field service management system grants office managers, additional office employees, and technicians at jobsites to write lengthy notes within the “Description” text box.

It is no longer a necessity to pare down data and other related text in order to satisfy the character limit designated by other field service software’s description boxes. Optsy works the way you do by not imposing a specific character limit associated with each individual task, which allows your technicians in the field and your office staff to include all of the pertinent details related to every particular job.

Revolutionizing the Way Your Field Service Business Does Business

Along with Optsy’s unparalleled functionality and flexibility for your office managers and other additional, authorized office employees, our field task management software provides users with an exceptional organizational system that makes keeping track of workday tasks effortless. Optsy’s field service management software takes planning to the next level by compiling a complete list of entered tasks—with the respective notes and reminders attached—into one data screen.

Every task ever generated within your customizable Optsy field task management system is funneled into the “My Tasks” list, which is located within the “Office Manager” tab. Your business’s “My Tasks” screen is displayed in data view within your Optsy field task management software, which allows your office managers and other authorized employees to tailor the data set that is showcased on the screen. The “My Tasks” data view even permits users to export specific, selected sets of data into Microsoft Excel, making data communication capabilities between your business, your business’s vendors, and your customers who have not yet utilized Optsy’s field service management software quick and uncomplicated.

All of the Information in an Easily Understandable Format

Even though your tailored Optsy system contains vast amounts of complex data, we pride ourselves on creating task management software that is flexible and familiar to users of all technological backgrounds and exposure. From work orders to parts requisition to jobsite notes, we are striving to help make your small- to medium-sized field service industry company’s field task management system simplistic yet specific.

In true Optsy fashion, your business’s office managers and other authorized office employees are able to navigate your customizable field task management software with ease due to Optsy’s resemblance to widely utilized Windows software. Although our recently updated software interface is geared toward field service and field task management, any employee familiar with business administration is able to navigate your business’s Optsy field task management system. Our straightforward data integration process that imports your field service company’s information from Quickbooks—and exports your business’s data to Microsoft Excel when necessary—allows your business’s office managers the functionality and familiarity of use that helps optimize office and jobsite efficiency, and maximize your company’s profitability.


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