Our solution integrates customer information and technician resources to delight your clients. It contains:

  • Tracking of all job types from break/fix to large projects
  • Estimates
  • SLAs, warranties, and contract work
  • Real time proposals and job costing


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    Work Order Management Software that Integrates Customer Data and Technician Resources

    Optsy’s most recent version of field service management software contains all of the work order management essentials that help optimize your small- to medium-sized field service industry business’s jobsite efficiency and record-keeping practices. Our new and improved work order management system provides technicians in the field and office employees with all of the necessary data needed direct and analyze job progress including:

    • Estimates
    • Real-time proposals
    • Job tracking
    • Job costing
    • Service Level Agreements
    • Warranties

    A User-Friendly Work Order Management System

    Just like all of the other unique features and screens found within your company’s customizable Opsty field service management software, the work order management portion of your Optsy system is easy to navigate due to its familiarity. Elements of our software resemble both QuickBooks and Windows programs, making it simple to switch from other accounting, scheduling, and work order management software to our integrated system.

    Although these programs contain similarities in appearance, Optsy takes data capacity and field service management capabilities into special consideration, formulating a one-of-a-kind work order management system that works the way you do.


    All-Inclusive Optsy Work Order Software

    Along with familiar, easily navigable work order screens, Optsy’s latest version of field service management software keeps all of your company’s work order data in one place. There are numerous ways to access work order data within your Optsy field service software, but the two easiest ways are by:

    1. Clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the “Work Order” icon located on the tool bar,which spansthe top of your industry-specific, customizable Optsy work order management software.

    2. Selecting a particular work order from the list to the right of your Optsy schedule board entitled “Open Work Orders / Slots.”

    What Content is Displayed on Optsy’s Work Order Screens?

    Once a work order is selected by using one of the aforementioned methods, your Optsy work order management software will display all estimates, schedules, history, financials, parts, technicians, and the like that are attached to that particular job. With our revolutionary field service management system, all employee-entered data that corresponds with a certain job is automatically grouped into that particular job’s work order screen.

    One of the many highly beneficial features associated with your Optsy work order software is the system’s ability to “spider web” among different sets of data. Our field service management software’s cross-linking capabilites makes backtracking and cross-referencing work order numbers with purchase order numbers obsolete by compiling all work order information into one easily accessible and navigable screen.

    A Scalable Work Order Management System

    Another feature that makes Optsy’s field service management system unique is its overall scalability—particularly in relation to work orders. Our latest version of work order management software can help your field service industry business’s office managers and other employees manage jobs of any magnitude.

    Optsy’s work order management system can track all job types from break or fix calls to large projects that span across multiple days. These small or sizable projects can be comprised of numerous different jobsite technicians, purchase orders, purchase order acquisitions, estimates, and many other similar components essential to jobsite functionality. The same scalability and management is even afforded to estimates with multiple versions, making the bidding, choosing, and purchase order conversion process easier than ever before.

    Turn Your Estimates into Work Orders with One Click

    Optsy’s updated field service management software interface provides your business’s office managers and other authorized office employees—such as those in your company’s purchasing department—with estimate screens that are easily converted into work orders and invoices. Our work order management system works the way you do by removing unnecessary steps from the quoting-to-invoicing process associated with field service industry businesses.

    Our noteworthy estimate function replaces the need for separate service call and work order creation within your field service management system. This distinct feature allows office managers and employees to:

    • Generate estimates by simply entering in detailed line items for each job proposal, all the while using the same style and methods for how a work order would be typed.
    • Refer created estimates to customers via email.
    • Activate estimates and turn them into work orders at the click of a button once your customer approves the proposal.

    Optsy Provides Your Field Service Industry Business with More than a Work Order

    Even though Optsy’s customizable work order management software easily converts your company’s estimates into work orders, there are still nuances that differentiate these two separate functions. One such difference that allows office managers and purchasing employees to perform their workplace roles more efficiently is Optsy’s ability to process parts directly from material line items listed on estimates.

    Our complex—but nonetheless easily navigable—field service management system processes parts by matching the material line items from each individual, activated estimate with inventory that is already being stored in your field service company’s trucks or warehouses. Optsy’s work order software works the way you do by identifying which materials are already available for jobsite use, and which parts and materials need to be ordered. Once your custom-tailored Optsy field service management system recognizes which required parts and materials are not included in your company’s inventory list, the program automatically generates purchase orders for these material line items.

    Job Costing with Optsy’s Work Order Software

    Optsy’s flexible and easily operable work order management system takes your field service business’s job costing capabilities to new heights with customizable reports that track work order profits and losses. Your office managers and additional office staff members can go into the “Work Order” screen, and see the exactcash outlay for the desired job by clicking on the “Cost” tab.

    Perhaps you, your office manager, or employees in your finance department would like a more in-depth job cost analysis. All you need to do is go to the reporting section of your Optsy software, and select the necessary data that you would like to view and assess. Our work order management system can produce job cost data for one or multiple work orders, which you or your office employees can then query against specific technicians associated with each particular work order to determine and optimize jobsite efficiency.


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