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The way field service management is meant to be

Optsy provides custom field service management software solutions to help grow your service business. From small to large businesses in a variety of industries, people across the globe trust Optsy to keep them organized.

Optsy’s Conception

Although the name Optsy may be new, we’ve been around for a while. Founded in 2001 as Terra and then FieldOne Systems, we have years of experience in developing the right Field Service Management software for our customers’ needs. We established ourselves as a trusted ally in industries such as HVAC, Plumbing, Computer Service, and many others through innovative practices and an unparalleled work order management system. As we grew, we realized that the field service challenges faced by our smaller and medium customers were only magnified in larger customers. The product strategy and focus on these larger customers became FieldOne Sky. As the market for enterprise field service continued to grow rapidly, and demand was driven by the need for mobile software solutions and cloud-based products, Microsoft recognized the unique capabilities of our enterprise solution and acquired FieldOne Sky in July 2015. We retained our dedicated small and medium business capabilities and took on the name, Optsy.

Optsy Today

Today, we continue serving our small and medium sized customers with our field service solutions; only this time we are able to funnel all of the acquired knowledge, new technological developments and experience toward the rapidly changing and specific needs of the small-to-medium sized customer segment. With our focus now on small and medium sized field service companies, we can finally provide the level of personal interaction and customization that we’ve always deemed as necessary. We equip field service companies with a management solution that helps them thrive. To those of you who have followed us on this journey and those we aim to serve going forward, welcome to Optsy!

Optsy has traditional customers using our small and medium sized field service management software in 48 states and 13 countries. The flexibility of our product adapts to changing customer needs, multiple languages and currencies and the ever growing demands on field service businesses as well as customer expectations.

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