Invoicing software and credit card processing for small businesses

Faster payments for you, good service for your customers, and easier accounting

Your technician has just finished a job, and before they’ve even left the site they’ve sent the invoice — or better yet, taken a payment on the spot. The Optsy field service mobile app makes this a reality, with inbuilt invoicing and credit card processing for small businesses.

The accounts receivable feature makes sure your business gets paid quickly, allows you to spend less time deciphering your tech’s bad handwriting, and makes sure your customers receive professional face-to-face service every time.

Simplify your billing with fully customized and integrated invoicing software

If you’re sick of entering the same client details into different programs, and your customers are tired of being asked the same questions each time you talk to them, Optsy can help. The invoicing software in our all-in-one field services management platform seamlessly integrates your customer’s details from first quote through to final invoice. The field service mobile app means your service staff can quickly send an invoice from their phone as soon as the job’s done, and automated payment reminders mean better cash flow for your business.

Streamline your payments (including credit card processing)

Optsy’s suite of tools allows you and your staff to instantly record payments and update customer information. Credit card processing is included with Optsy Payments, powerActually enjoy… accounting?
ed by Fidelity for seamless, secure, and professional transactions.

Streamline your payments (including credit card processing)

Or at least don’t dread tax time! When your payments, invoicing and billing are all in the same place, it’s easy to generate tax reports, keep an eye on your cash flow, and keep track of your best customers. Optsy’s A/R features integrate easily with QuickBooks for automated accounting that’s tailored for small businesses. Generate reports from templates we’ve created, customize your own reports, or get in touch and tell us what you need — we’ll even help set them up for you.

Optsy’s invoicing software and credit card processing tools allow you to:

Take payments on-the-go

Improve your payment rates and customer experience by taking a payment as soon as the job is done.

Process credit cards

Saying “that’s fine, we take credit cards!” means quick payments for you and good service for your customers. Optsy Payments is powered by Fidelity, for credit card processing that’s perfect for small businesses. Provide safe, easy and reliable transaction processing for your clients and improve your cashflow at the same time.

Generate invoices from your phone

Save time and paperwork for your business by giving your field staff the ability to invoice on the spot. Take the “I” out of invoicing, and spend more time running your business.

View payments and billing history

Don’t double up on paperwork. Once you’ve sent a bill, it’s easy to see if it’s been paid. Stay on top of your cashflow and check your customer’s payment history with one click.

Send automated payment reminders

Instead of chasing overdue payments, set a friendly automated reminder for your customers and let Optsy follow up for you. Improve payment times and customer experience.

Integrate with QuickBooks

Simply plug it in and off you go. QuickBooks is a world leader in accounting software for small businesses, making it a breeze to generate customized reports, file your taxes, get more information on your profits and grow your business.

If you’re currently using multiple tools to take payments, generate invoices, keep track of your tax and stay on top of your cash flow, it’s time to keep it simple with all-in-one software that’s actually designed for your business.

Schedule a no-obligation, free demo to see for yourself how Optsy can help you optimize and grow your business.

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