Keep on top of your to-do list and track employee work time for increased productivity and ROI

We’ll admit we’re as guilty as the next person of wallpapering our office space with post-it notes from time to time… but it’s not really very good time management at play. It’s messy and in many ways can make us feel even more stressed. If your desk is at risk of being lost under a pile of paper, read on, because we have just the solution for you.

Our task management software, which is fully integrated with the rest of the Optsy suite of tools, is the ultimate task management system. It can help you and your team, set reminders, prioritize tasks, track time and manage workloads in an easy-to-manage digital environment that syncs with your proposals, contracts, invoices, inventory and more.

You’ll be able to set reminders for yourself, and others, and so will your techs. These to-do lists can then be accessed and updated anywhere, any time, meaning everyone is on task and up to date with what needs to be done each day.

You’ll ease your stress by knowing that tasks are being completed in a timely manner, and your business will run far more smoothly and efficiently for it. No more checking up with staff to make sure that part has been ordered or that car serviced. No more waking up in the middle of the night wondering if you remembered to call that important client and book in that maintenance check. Once the task is completed simply tick it off the to-do list and relax!

Why you’ll love Optsy’s task tracker and task management software

Create and assign tasks for yourself and your team

Set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly to-do lists for yourself and your techs to make sure your entire field service team is across the tasks that need to be performed in a timely manner. Your techs can create their own tasks for themselves too.

Task reminders for any user

Because we all need a little reminder now and then! Set timed alerts for any task and for any user to make sure nothing gets missed. Your staff will be able to set reminders for themselves too.

Task-related notes fields

Need to keep your staff updated with some need-to-know information? Add it to the task in the notes field to save time on phone calls between team members.

Easy-to-use task management interface

Because we don’t want you thinking those post-its weren’t so bad after all we’ve made our office task management software so easy to use that even your least tech-savvy employee will be all over it in no time.

Integrated time tracking

Your employees will be able to track their billable hours and have that information automatically included in customer invoices. You’ll also then have that data at your fingertips when it comes time to paying staff. Plus you can use customized reports to measure and track your team’s productivity with that data too and make changes to optimize your team’s performance.

If the volume of jobs you have to do is becoming overwhelming, Optsy’s Task Management Software and Time Tracker will help you keep on top of and streamline your day-to-day operations with integrated reminders, task tracking, time tracking and notes, so you become a more producti

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