Equipment and Asset Tracking for Field Services Businesses

Know where assets and equipment are, keep them well maintained — all on autopilot

Any small business owner knows that their equipment is one of their biggest assets but also one of their biggest expenses. Knowing equipment location, maintenance history and relevant product information is also crucial to your business running smoothly.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more embarrassing than sending a technician to a job, only for them to have to cancel because they don’t have the tools to complete the work.

The equipment tracking component of Optsy’s software allows you to track tools, so you’ll always know what technician has an individual piece of equipment checked out. You’ll also be able to keep all the product and parts information, as well as any maintenance requirements and recent repairs, logged against any asset. Not only does this mean you can keep on top of the condition of all of your equipment, but also that your technicians are aware of any additional care that may need to be taken with a specific tool.

The result? No cancelled jobs, longer lasting tools, and more revenue!

Why you’ll love Optsy’s asset and equipment tracking software components

Asset location

Log equipment to a technician’s toolbox so you know where all your assets are at any given time

Product and parts info

All product information and any details of spare parts can be saved against a particular piece of equipment, so any team member can quickly grab parts when needed

Maintenance needs

Make sure your technicians are aware of any additional care or instructions associated with a tool to reduce wear and tear on your expensive equipment

Repair history

Log details of any repairs so that details for warranty or upgrades won’t be lost

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