Customer and account management software for small field service businesses

A completely integrated approach to managing all your customer databases

Imagine all your field service staff having a quick, easy-to-use app where they can enter all their client information on the go — no more messy pieces of paper, or hastily scribbled notes to make sense of at the end of the day.

The account management feature of our FSM software offers just this — a one stop shop where you, and your team, can enter information including contact details, payment, customer communication, order and service history, reminders and any other important notes. Better still, all this data can be easily accessed and applied across all other parts of the Optsy platform, removing the need for having to repeatedly enter the same information for different tasks.

Not only does this save time, it also reduces the margin for error by allowing all team members to access the same data, whenever and wherever they need it.

Why you’ll love Optsy’s account and customer management software


Manage your entire customer and contact database in one place. This data can then be accessed in the app by your entire team — anywhere, any time.

Contact and payment information

Keep all your customer and service provider contact and payment details up to date quickly and easily, so it’s easily accessible when you need to access it and so other parts of the Optsy software can automatically use that data when needed (e.g. when automatically creating invoices).

Notes and reminders

Set notes and reminders for you and your whole team to save time and reduce the margin for error.

Customer history

Access a customer’s complete service and transaction history even when on-site, removing the need for field staff to call head office when they need to review any tricky service details.

Integration across all other aspects of Optsy software

All saved details can be used for tasks such as invoicing, so no one has to enter details multiple times and so you can automate your manual workflows.

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