Small Business CRM Designed for Field Services Businesses

The customer relationship management software solution that reduces manual errors and increases profits for small field services businesses

As a small business owner you know that your relationships with your customers is crucial to the success of your business. Optsy’s customer relationship management software (CRM) component allows you and your field services team to manage all your customer data quickly, easily and accurately. Our field services CRM software not only provides an easy-to-use database of all your past, present and potential future clients, it also allows you to manage all your communications, reminders, notes and attachments. As with all of Optsy’s field service software, your CRM database will fully integrate with all other areas of the program such as scheduling, invoicing and dispatching, further reducing the margin for error and helping you keep on top of your administrative workload.

Why you’ll love Optsy’s field services CRM

Integrated customer data

You enter customer details once and they’re immediately available across all aspects of the Optsy software. Use them in estimates, when scheduling field jobs, to deliver accurate and safe routing information to technicians, on invoices and on receipts. The only time you’ll need to enter details again is when they change!

Manage customer communication

All ingoing and outgoing communications can easily be saved against a customer’s account, allowing for easy tracking of correspondence and a customer’s history.

Set tasks and reminders

Stay one step ahead of your workload at all times by setting tasks and reminders for yourself, and your field services team.

Record notes and organize attachments

Save notes or any attachments against a customer’s profile so you and your team can view any relevant data both in the office and on site.

Access customer web portal

Accessible anywhere, any time — just log on via your tablet or smartphone for on-the-go updates and information.

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