Customizable FSM software

Field service management software your way

Is there something holding you back from making the decision to switch to Optsy? Maybe you’re keen on some features but don’t need others and so think the software might be too confusing. Or maybe you need your software to look a certain way and the previews you’ve seen aren’t right. Don’t worry, our software is fully customizable, so you you’ll just have what you need, when you need it, looking exactly the way you need it to look!

Some of the customizations we’ve made so far include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Dynamic schedule boards
  • Custom fields
  • Custom documents
  • Custom reports (this is very popular)
  • Entity names and other branding
  • User interface
  • Enable/disable features

Why you’ll love how customizable Optsy FSM software is


Don’t get locked into using a program that doesn’t do exactly what you need it to do. If there’s something in the Optsy suit that isn’t working for your business, let us know and we’ll adjust it.

Customizable software

Because we understand that all field service businesses are different and therefore need different things out of their FSM software, we’ve made sure our software is fully customizable to your exact needs.

We listen to you

We want our customers to get as much as possible out of our software so are always happy to provide support, and make adjustments for individual users where we can. We’ll also help you get set up so you can hit the ground running.

Schedule a no-obligation, free demo to see for yourself how Optsy can help you optimize and grow your business.

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