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As a computer service management company, you deal with some pretty stressful situations. 60% of companies that lose data and can’t restore it end up shutting down within six months of the disaster. So, when potential clients come to you having lost data or suffering from a computer infrastructure failure, they’re understandably worried and are often hard to deal with. As a result, you need to be able to respond rapidly, be reassuring and inspire confidence in your abilities.

There’s so much that goes into doing that:

  • Providing prompt and professional initial customer service — e.g. rapid quoting and efficient scheduling
  • Fast computer servicing — which requires efficient dispatching and routing and good inventory management
  • Excellent customer service throughout the transaction — e.g. automatic notifications about when the technician will arrive, instant billing and receipting, and professional and reassuring reporting

When you do a good job with all that, you have happy clients who recommend you to their acquaintances and you open an opportunity to secure ongoing, repeat business in the form of a service-level agreement (SLA) for maintenance and repairs as required. That, however, presents further challenges like ensuring you have a great history of all the interactions with the client, the possibility of manual data entry errors when client details are interred into the SLA (especially if you have different staff involved in rapid response and ongoing maintenance).

With so many moving parts and significant pressure, it’s so easy for little things to slip through the cracks and for those little things to snowball into huge problems.

Thankfully, there’s a simple and cost-effective solution — service management software that integrates all the tools you need to solve these challenges into a single piece of software that automates manual tasks, all but eliminates data handling errors and can be customized to your exact needs.

That’s what Optsy’s computer service management software does.

Service department scheduling software that reduces stress for you, your staff and your clients

A favorite feature of Optsy’s computer service management software is the service department scheduling software component. When a potential client comes to you with an urgent computer problem, our software will empower any of your staff to enter basic client information and then immediately see when the next service opening is and who will be the closest available technician with the skills to solve the prospect’s problem based on the existing work schedule. Having gained the prospect’s trust with your efficient customer service, your staff can then issue a quote with just the click of a button.

Already, the prospective client’s stress is beginning to subside as they’re taking steps to solve their problem.

Once they approve the quote, another click of a button adds the work to your business’s schedule and to the relevant technician’s calendar. When it’s time to head to the job, our software will tell the technician the best route to take to reach the client from their current location based on real-time GPS coordinates, and it’ll notify the client that the technician is on the way.

Once on the job, the technician can update your inventory in real time as they use consumables, and when they’ve solved the client’s problem, a click of a button will enable them to issue an invoice and mark the job as complete. And when the client pays, it’ll automatically send a receipt too.

Computer Service FSM Software

The next time the same person or someone else from the same business contacts you, you’ll have a complete history of the work you’ve done from them and can immediately recognize any patterns that might signify an underlying cause of technical issues. You’ll also make the client feel valued by being able to refer to their history — something studies show most Americans expect and value. So, when you offer them an SLA to reduce the likelihood of future computer issues, they’ll jump at the opportunity to have your expertise and professionalism at the ready whenever they need it.

Imagine, no more anxious clients nagging you for a status update, no technicians stressing because they don’t know how they’ll fit in the next urgent client problem, and no more stressing about whether all your invoices and receipts have been sent out or about technicians complaining about zigzagging all over town. On top of that, you and your staff will spend less time on admin so you’ll have more time to spend generating revenue, and you’ll be more attractive to potential clients than any of your competitors.

Opsty’s computer service management software really is an all-in-one solution to your business growth and admin challenges.

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How Optsy computer service management software can benefit your business

Our software is full to the brim with all the features you need to efficiently manage your computer repair and maintenance business.

Computer Service FSM Software

Any of your staff can enter and access details about your clients including contact and payment details, communication and order history, reminders, and notes. And each other part of our software can access that information too. So, your staff enter the client details once, and they can then be used in quotes, invoices and work orders, and they can even be used to select the best route for technicians who need to visit the client on site.

Just think how much time it’ll save when you no longer have to enter client details into several different programs. Plus, clients will see how much more professional you are than the alternative computer service, repair and maintenance companies, when they realize they never have to give you the same information or answer the same questions multiple times.

You can record all your staff details in the software and they can track their time and work tasks there too. No more manual timesheets and you can even see how productive each staff member is. Best of all, you can customize the user rights and credentials for each staff member so they only have access to the parts of the tool that you want them to access. Similarly, you can customize the purchasing rights of each staff member, so you have the right staff making the right purchases.
Optsy’s suite of tools includes billing software. With it, staff can issue invoices, view payments and billing history, and even take credit card payments with Optsy Payments powered by Fidelity. You can create customized reports from that data and if you use Quickbooks, you can connect our software with your existing Quickbooks account. The invoices created will be automatically connected with the relevant customer profiles, work orders and quotes and you’ll be able to quickly and easily see who’s paid what and whether there are any overdue invoices.

When it comes to ongoing computer service, repair and maintenance clients, an SLA is vital. For example, if you offer regular computer maintenance, you’ll want an SLA that lays out the immense value you deliver while protecting your business from scope creep and unfair litigation in the event there’s ever a security or data loss incident.

With our software you can create and manage SLAs and other contracts. It’ll even automatically schedule tasks and issue invoices based on the contracts you have in place. With Optsy, you’ll spend far less time serving those valuable, ongoing clients while offering them a smoother, more reliable service. That’s a win for everyone.

When it comes to dispatching technicians after a computer issues is detected or reported, our computer repair dispatch software is legendary. The tool will automatically suggest the closest available technician and tell them the fastest way to get to the location taking traffic into consideration, so your staff get more work done and your clients receive faster service, helping you win repeat and referral clients and increase your revenue.
Optsy’s suite of tools includes repair scheduling software which makes it easy to schedule once-off tasks (like data recovery) and service department scheduling software which makes it easy to schedule reoccurring jobs (like data center failed hardware replacement and malware scan reviews) from the office and on the go. The software automatically suggests the best technician for each job based on their availability and other tasks for the day, so there’s no more zigzagging all over the map and no more late finish times because someone has been overbooked.

So much goes into successfully managing computer maintenance and repair jobs. You’ve got to know the client’s history, exactly what needs to be done and which equipment and tools, if any, are needed for the job, so they can be made available. Then you’ve got to assign the job to an available member of your staff, hopefully someone who has another job in close proximity (if it’s not something that can be done remotely), and make sure all the paperwork gets done so you get paid promptly, have all the information you need at tax time and everyone knows you’re maintaining the level of service required by your SLA (if relevant).

If you’re using several pieces of software to do all that, you know it takes ages to input all the data and make sure it’s consistent across tools. That’s why we included alarm and security job management software in our suite of field services management tools. With Optsy, you can quickly, efficiently and accurately manage every single aspect of all your jobs in one place, regardless of whether they’re once-off computer repairs, automated malware scans or everything in between. You’ll save time on data entry and reduce data entry errors, get more jobs done each day, increase staff satisfaction because they spend less time on paperwork and zigzagging all over the map, be able to serve your clients more professionally, and save money by not having to buy or subscribe to an array of tools.

Our software will help you keep track of your equipment and its maintenance schedules, so you always know where everything is and when it needs a service.
Our software offers real-time inventory tracking, so your technicians won’t ever turn up to a job without the parts they need to install and your clients won’t ever get grumpy that their jobs need to be rescheduled due to an unexpected lack of parts.
Everyone can create and assign tasks and set reminders, so no one ever drops the ball and forgets to do something. No cranky clients or lost revenue because someone on your team forgot about a job or left a tool behind, and no late payment fees because someone overlooked a bill.

Worried Jimmy’s been slacking off? Think Cho might be ready for a raise? Optsy’s fully customizable reporting tools will tell you how productive your team is whenever you need to know. Want to check your cashflow? There’s a report for that. Trying to figure out who your best clients are, so you can see if they’ll refer other customers to you? You can create a report for that too.

Need to send a monthly report to your clients that summarizes the remote tasks you’ve completed and the impacts they’ve had? Optsy’s customer reporting functionality will allow you to do just that. You can even automate it!.

Basically, if you want to know something about your business or your clients want to know something about the services you’ve performed, as long as you’ve put the data in the system, our service management software will be able to generate the report you need. We’ll even help you set up custom report templates, so accessing the business insights that will help you grow is super easy.

Regardless of whether your staff have Apple or Android phones or tablets, they’ll be able to install Optsy and sync data in real time. And if they’re heading into an area without mobile reception, they’ll be able to record data in the system ‘offline’ and it’ll automatically sync once they’re back in range. So Optsy has you covered no matter how you’re set up or where you are.
Don’t need some of the amazing Optsy features? No problem, just disable that feature. Prefer your software to look a particular way? We’ll help you customize the interface. However you need your software to work, Optsy can make it happen.

So, if you want to grow your business, Optsy’s software is an all-in-one suite of tools that’ll save you time, reduce errors, increase your productivity, improve staff and customer satisfaction, and save you money.

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