eBook: Using Field Service Management to Improve Work-Life Balance

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Quick exercise: list what you think the biggest strategic advantages of your field service organization are. We’ll wait.

What did you list? Probably some combination of your product, your infrastructure, your processes, your FSM software, your technicians, or your financial metrics. Were we right?

Most people don’t list ‘work-life balance’ when given this exercise, but, in fact, it’s the third-most important strategic play for your FSO according to some research.

In order to get to that way of thinking, though, you need to understand why work-life balance matters:

  • What does the research say?
  • What do your technicians and back-office staff want from their jobs?
  • What keeps an organization moving along and growing?
Find out the answers to these questions by downloading your copy of our handy little eBook that focuses on Using Field Service Management to Improve Work-Life Balance.