The alarm and security industry is one of the most competitive of all the field service industries. If you do well from a revenue standpoint here, you can do very well — but getting to that revenue growth is hard, and it requires a lot of integration among your business processes.

At the most basic level, our software can help you integrate:

  • Customer information
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatch
  • Inventory
  • Technician GPS locations
  • Billing and invoicing


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    The ultimate goal is a seamless experience for the customer (repeat business and referrals can follow) and a painless experience for your back office (lower turnover among staff, less bickering).

    Better integration and field staff management also often lead to more jobs in less time, which helps with revenue growth as well.

    Learn More About How Optsy Field Service Management Software Can Benefit Alarm & Security Companies

    Security Company Management Software that Keeps Your Business Competitive

    When working in the alarm and security industry, it is important to use the most advanced scheduling and dispatching software on the market. This is where Optsy’s latest version of security company scheduling software comes into play.

    Our customizable field service software helps boost your company’s workday productivity levels—both in the office and on jobsite—by combining all of your business’s functions including billing, dispatching, inventory tracking, routing, scheduling, and the like.

    It is important to have all of these business functions in one easy-to use program so that you can manage all aspects of your company without switching back and forth between different accounting and scheduling computer programs.

    By having all of your business’s data in one program, your office employees can get more work done in less time, which increases not only workday satisfaction among your employees, but also drives your company’s bottom line.

    Having all of your alarm and security business’s data in an integrated security company management software program is also beneficial to your techs traveling to and working at your customers’ job sites. The dispatching, routing, and scheduling functions found within Optsy’s security company scheduling software organizes your techs’ driving routes by using the GPS coordinates for customers’ jobsite locations to create the most direct course of travel for your technicians.

    This routing feature saves your techs time by arranging their workday schedules according to job sites that are nearby each other—or those jobs that are close to your technicians’ homes—which gives these techs straight-line workday routes instead of having them zigzagging all across the map to reach customers’ locations.

    Tracking Inventory with Optsy’s Security Company Management Software

    Along with being able to route and schedule your alarm and security business’s techs, Optsy’s security company scheduling software also lets you track inventory.

    A successful alarm and security company must be able to keep tabs on its tools and materials, and be able to see where these parts are located. Whether these jobsite materials and tools are being stored in one of your alarm and security business’s company warehouses, or if these parts are being hauled around in your techs’ company vehicles, Optsy’s security company management software can keep track of your business’s inventory.

    Optsy’s inventory tracking system lets your employees create a list of tools and parts, and then assign these tools and part to specific warehouses. These warehouses and their contents can be found in your Optsy security company management software by clicking on one of the following “Lookups:”

    • “Warehouse Lookup”
    • “Parts Lookup”
    • “Equipment Lookup”

    Knowing which materials are being used on jobsites and keeping these materials stocked is a key to jobsite effectiveness. Having all of the required tools and parts to complete customer jobs on the first try is how your alarm and security business can maintain current customers, and potentially gain new clients through word of mouth.

    Also, by having all of the necessary tools and materials at customer job sites, your techs can finish jobs more quickly, which generates more revenue for your business.

    Merging Your Business’s Accounting, Inventory, and Scheduling Software

    Another important factor that helps grow your small- to medium-sized alarm and security business’s bottom line is by combining your accounting software with your business’s scheduling and inventory control software.

    Optsy’s security company management software integrates your business’s accounting, inventory, and scheduling functions so that you can keep an eye on your company’s profits and losses while still planning and managing the rest of your company’s daily activities.

    Some of the accounting functions that are included in Optsy’s security company management software are:

    • Accounts receivable
    • Accounts payable
    • Employee payroll
    • Profit and loss by job
    • Vendor bills
    • Vendor payments

    These accounting components—among many others—allow you to monitor job profitability by seeing the dollar amounts paid to employees for labor, and the cost of parts and materials for each job in relation to customer invoice amounts.

    Managing the financial components of your business in Optsy’s field service software system lets you see where your company’s money is being spent—for example: paying employees for labor hours worked, buying parts and materials for jobsites, or purchasing fuel for tech’s company vehicles when they are driving to and from customer locations.

    Knowing where your money is going can help you reorganize techs’ routes, adjust hourly rates, or purchase materials from different vendors in order to be more cost effective.

    Manage Work Orders with Optsy

    Optsy works the way your alarm and security business does by storing all of your customers’ work order information in one screen. You can view service level agreements, estimates, materials used, labor hours worked, pictures, signed documents, and invoices for each specific work order by using Optsy’s “Work Order Lookup,” which is located in the “Lookup Manager” box on the left side of your Optsy screen.

    Not only can you view work order details by using the “Work Order Lookup,” but you can also use numerous other “Lookups” to find jobsite details. These “Lookups” include:

    • “Agreement Lookup”
    • “Customer Lookup”
    • “Invoice Lookup”
    • “Jobsite Lookup”
    • “Payment Lookup”

    Maintain Current Customer Information with Optsy’s Alarm Company Customer Relationship Management Software

    It is always beneficial to know your alarm and security business’s client base as well as possible. Optsy’s alarm company CRM software helps your business keep track of contact information, invoices, payment terms, and other specific notes for and requests from each of your customers.

    Developing relationships with your clients makes them more likely to use your alarm and security company for future work, and also makes these clients more apt to refer your business to other people.

    Optsy’s alarm company CRM software allows your business to gain revenue by managing invoices and billing while catering to clients’ needs.

    Flexible Field Service Software for Your Alarm and Security Company

    Optsy’s security company management software and security company scheduling software provides your business with a flexible, user-friendly computer program that takes the hassle out of managing your company.

    The latest version of Optsy software incorporates familiar icons and tabs, and walks users through the specific steps needed to lookup financial reports, customer data, workday schedules, and the like. Our software works the way you do by providing users with a streamlined system that simplifies complex business data.


    (Limited Time – Qualified Candidates Get a $150 Gift Certificate Just for a Demo!)


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