Announcing a Ton of Optsy Updates

Software Updates

Here’s What’s New

We’re excited to announce a new round of updates for your Optsy software rolling out on October 5, 2016. Click “Check for Updates” on your dashboard to start utilizing your Optsy software to its utmost potential! We’ll be releasing three rounds of updates. To arrive at these updates, we solicited client feedback and went through various surveys and client touch points we’ve had over the past year.

Keep reading for more details on what’s new in your Optsy software.RoutingTechnician Routing
You can now route and optimize routes by specific technicians. On the schedule board, “route assistance” will now rearrange routes to be fully optimized according to the destinations scheduled.

Negative Invoicing or Crediting
Users can now create an invoice to apply credit to a future transaction.

Credit Application to Outstanding Invoices
Users can now apply payment directly to invoices instead of to accounts, allowing for payments toward the most recent invoices and partial payments on accounts that align with the invoices.

Barcode Scanning Enhancement
Previously, some forms of UPC code were not integrated into our system. Now, the barcode scanning supports all forms of writing. Any form of barcode will now result in that product being added to the application.

Inventory List Enhancement
Our mobile users had been running into an issue where they tried to pull items from inventory lists that were already negative. That’s been fixed and overall, inventory lists are more reactive to inventory counts. You can also get desktop alerts when inventory is being removed.

QuickBooks Integration Enhancement
For tax purposes, there are no longer penny rounding issues. Previously, we allowed accuracy up to three decimal places, but we heard some negative feedback regarding some of your filings. We fixed it.

Calendar Scheduling Enhancement
Because scheduling was previously done on an annual basis, we didn’t incorporate the year into the schedule. We changed this to better accommodate holidays and specific days off.

That covers our first update. Stay in the loop for news on what’s coming next.

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Also, if there’s anything we’ve missed or you’d still like to see, don’t hesitate to let us know. We consistently try to iterate and make our product better for you. Odds are, however, there are features within your software that you could be using but don’t even know about. Download our free e-book about putting field service management software into action to get back to the core features of field service management.