The electrical service sector is constantly searching for innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of field service technicians. One such groundbreaking technology is augmented reality (AR), which holds the potential to transform various aspects of electrical field service operations. We’ll explore how AR can support technicians in remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs, and how it can lead to improved training, safety, and productivity.

Exploring Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes digital information, such as text, images, or 3D models, onto the user’s real-world view, typically through a smartphone, tablet, or AR glasses. It allows users to interact with virtual elements within their physical surroundings, offering additional information and enhancing their comprehension of complex tasks or systems.

The Power of AR in Electrical Field Service Companies

Remote Diagnostics and Problem Solving

AR assists field service technicians in diagnosing and resolving issues more efficiently by supplying them with real-time, context-aware information. By overlaying digital data, such as schematics or sensor readings, onto the technician’s view of the equipment, AR expedites problem identification and increases accuracy. Furthermore, AR enables remote collaboration, permitting technicians to consult with experts in real-time and receive guidance on addressing complex challenges.

Guided Repairs

Augmented reality offers technicians step-by-step guidance on executing repairs, minimizing the probability of errors and reducing the time required to finish the task. By presenting visual instructions and 3D models directly on the equipment, AR helps technicians better comprehend the repair process and ensure they are employing the appropriate tools and methods. This results in more effective repairs, higher first-time fix rates, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Advanced Training and Skill Enhancement

AR serves as a valuable instrument for training and skill development in the electrical field service sector. By simulating real-world situations and providing interactive, hands-on learning experiences, AR helps technicians develop their skills more rapidly and retain information more efficiently. This contributes to a more competent workforce, better equipped to manage complex tasks and deliver top-notch service to clients.

Heightened Safety

In the electrical field service industry, safety is crucial. AR creates a safer work environment by delivering important safety information to technicians, such as high voltage area warnings or the location of concealed hazards. By ensuring that technicians are conscious of potential risks and offering guidance on safe work practices, AR reduces the occurrence of accidents and injuries.

Boosted Productivity

Electrical field service personnel execute their responsibilities faster and efficiently using AR to streamline diagnostic, troubleshooting, and repair processes. In addition to being beneficial for the client, faster, more efficient service enables businesses to handle more service requests, potentially leading to increased revenue and growth.


The electrical field service business will be heavily impacted by augmented reality technology. It is expected that usage of AR technology will increase as it develops, providing various advantages for electrical service companies and their employees.

Getting on the AR bandwagon now can put electrical service companies ahead of their competition.

Are you using AR for service calls and training?

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