Automate business processes strategically and you’ll save time, improve your business and generate more revenue. That’s a pretty exciting concept, and so many field services business owners asked us about what they could automate that we thought it would be useful to write an article with the top tasks that are ripe for automation. And it’s with great pleasure that we present to you these four tasks that can be easily automated, so you can experience the benefits of automating business processes for yourself.

Account Management — An easy place to start when you want to automate business

Imagine all your field staff having an integrated approach to managing your customer databases — a one-stop-shop, where everyone associated with the client has access to the same information, including contact information, payment details, order and service history, etc. There’s no need for anyone to re-enter information or copy and paste it someplace else. All the customer information is automatically updated and easily accessible whether it’s being used for scheduling services, invoicing clients or issuing receipts.

If that sounds like a dream come true, you need to automate your account management.

A/R Management — A veritable playground for task automation

What business doesn’t want a system that will quickly get invoices out, so payments can be received quicker? Having a system that invoices before the technician even leaves a job site is not only possible but easy with task automation. And being able to invoice from a phone as soon as a job is done, means you don’t have to spend your weekends issuing invoices manually. And the fun doesn’t stop there.

Accounts receivable (A/R) task automation will not only streamline your invoicing and receivables process by enabling your team to quickly invoice on the go, field services management software that’s used to automate business processes can also often allow your staff to take credit payments onsite. Even better, it’s great for automating payment reminders, and it’ll make accounting and tax time a breeze.

Dispatching and Scheduling — One of the most profitable areas to focus on when you want to automate business processes

Your busy field-service business deserves to be firing on all cylinders. A missed appointment means less revenue, and who wants that? With task automation, there’s little need to worry about that.

Imagine software that will smartly schedule jobs based on staff availability, staff skills, available parts, service location, and the urgency of the job requested. Imagine providing your clients with real-time updates, so they will know when to expect the technician — without you having to lift a finger. When it comes to rescheduling, having a feature that allows you to drag and drop to a new time slot, rather than continually re-entering appointment information is a great time saver.

Sometimes your technicians need assistance getting to the service location. Having software that not only tells them the best way to get there but also plans their jobs around their location can save a lot of time and mileage. And it can mean you can easily fit more jobs into the schedule, and that means increased revenue.

Dispatching and scheduling is one of the best places to concentrate your efforts when you want to automate business processes.

Service-Level Agreement — Automate administrative tasks here and you’ll thrive

How would you like to be able to quickly produce professional-looking contracts and special-pricing agreements that contain the right details and warranty information, and then sit back and relax knowing your software will automatically schedule all the regular work you have to do as part of that agreement? Field services management software makes that dream a reality.

Your Field Service Solution

There are quite a few options out there when it comes to field service management software. But only one allows you automate all these areas of your business and more while still being affordable for small businesses.

Optsy is a field-service management solution that will allow your business to do everything that needs to be done, in the office and out in the field. And crucially, it’ll allow you to automate business processes that are currently bogging you down and preventing your business from growing and thriving. Businesses in a wide variety of field services industries across the globe trust Optsy to keep them organized and make their business lives easier.

Optsy’s customizable field service management software streamlines your business’s workflow. With it, your office and field staff can create and update schedules in real-time, perform accounting-related tasks, and create custom reports according to your business’s specific requirements — all within one program. Check out our full suite of services to see all the amazing ways Optsy can save you time and money and help you level up your business.

It’s time to automate your business processes! Schedule a no-obligation, free demo to see for yourself how Optsy can help you optimize and grow your business.