Best HVAC Service Business Puns, HVAC Humor and How to Sneak Them in

Working in the HVAC industry is serious business, and it can oftentimes lead an HVAC technician into some highly stressful situations–leaving little time for hvac humor. Let’s say that you have a client and his or her cooling system breaks down during a long week complete with sunny skies and ninety-degree weather—oh, and let’s add that this client lives in the middle of a Nevada desert, for good measure. You can imagine that your client will already be unhappy at best due to his or her misfortune.

Now, if you send one of your HVAC technicians to this particular client’s location, and said technician lacks the right parts on the truck –which means that he or she has to drive to one of your company’s warehouses, or back to headquarters to procure the necessary materials to finish the job—your client will be even more unhappy.

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    If you replace “cooling system” with “heating system,” “summer” with “winter,” and “Nevada desert” with “Montana mountains,” the same problem results: a disgruntled customer who may or may not be tempted to throw any unattached object at your technician in his or her Hulk-like fury.

    What’s the best way to deal with this worst-case-scenario? Believe it or not, there are two avenues you can take when faced with an upset customer.

    Option #1:

    Provide the highest quality of service possible within a reasonable time frame.
    This option is essential to owning and operating an HVAC business. Delivering on your company’s standards for high performance is the essence of how you’ll grow your HVAC business. More on that in a few moments.

    Option #2:

    Hire HVAC technicians who know how to diffuse a tough situation with humor because, let’s face it: who can really resist laughing at a bad pun (or HVAC humor) when it’s delivered with conviction?

    Not everyone chooses the second track when faced with an unhappy client because, again, HVAC installations and repairs require serious thought and labor. However, laughter is essential to life, so why not attempt to brighten dismal circumstances with some quality—or not-so-quality—HVAC humor?

    In a recent Forbes study pertaining to stress at work, survey respondents rated their home-life stress at a ‘5’ on a 1-10 scale. These same people’s amounts of perceived stress while at work? A whopping ‘6.4’ on the same 1-10 scale. That data leads us to believe that your technicians will enter into a lot of stressful jobsite situations, and having a plan to implement some HVAC humor when field work gets tense is always a good strategy to cope with the occasional dissatisfied customer.

    In an attempt to help your technicians add some more HVAC jokes to their repertoires, we are offering you a few service business puns to try out the next time a jobsite repair goes awry. Although HVAC puns aren’t always funny—which is actually most of the time, but I digress—, they can certainly help diffuse a potentially stressful situation.

    Drum roll, please…

    The “Going Out” HVAC Pun

    Target audience: The fresh twenty-one-year-old crowd all the way through those in their mid-thirties.

    Technician: “When did your AC go out?”

    Client: “Last night.”

    Technician: “Well, I hope it had a good time.”

    ** clangs cymbals **

    The “Ducts” Pun

    Target audience: Those clients who are older than thirty, or work in the finance or insurance industries.

    “Well you know,” a technician says to a client, “HVAC technicians are more effective because we always have all of our ducts in a row.”

    ** gong sound **

    The “Invention” Pun

    Target audience: Customers who are young enough to question your technician expertise.

    Turn to a client and nonchalantly say, “We were working on AC before it was cool.”

    ** sad trumpet noise **

    The “Flip Around” Pun

    Target audience: Anyone and everyone who appears to understand sarcasm.

    The technician says to the client, “Well, your furnace has a few problems, but it could be worse.”

    The client is relieved! “Oh, that’s good,” she says.

    Technician: “Yeah! It could be my furnace instead of yours. That’d be worse!”

    ** Krusty the Clown screeching sound **

    The “Three Little Pigs” HVAC Joke

    Target audience: Customers in their forties who still understand the childhood story reference.

    Setup: “Why did the Three Little Pigs buy an electric furnace instead of a gas one?”

    Knock it down: “The neighbors didn’t want to be near a swine flue.”

    ** car horn **

    The Classic “Cross the Road” Technician Joke

    Target audience: EVERYONE! Here’s an all-timer! Ready?

    “Why did the AC repairman cross the road?”

    (intense pause for dramatic effect)

    “He opened the unit and found a wasp’s nest in it.”

    ** Ed McMahon yelling ‘Hey’ sound **

    A Few Onsite Gags

    A quick note of caution here: Never resort to this level of HVAC humor with your company’s newer customers. Only break out these tried-and-true onsite jokes on customers with whom you have experience and rapport. Here is a brief compilation of a few of our greatest gags:

    Place a fake truck door that appears to fall off when you open it over the top of your vehicle’s real door.
    Show up with singed eyebrows—you know, from that furnace repair that left you a little crispy earlier in the day.
    Roll up to the block, and walk up to five other houses before knocking on your client’s door.

    Let’s Get Back to the Serious Matters.

    These HVAC jokes are great ways to secure some laughs from your customers, and calm a potentially stressful situation, which is wonderful. However, as we mentioned earlier in this post, the real key to growing your HVAC business is by making sure your technicians complete onsite jobs in efficient, timely manners.

    One of the easiest ways to help optimize your technicians’ jobsite success is to integrate your business with CRM scheduling software, which is typically called field service management (FSM) software. This FSM software is an investment worth considering in order prepare for the latter half of 2017, and to start 2018 on the right foot. What other programs should you be considering for your HVAC business? We’ve got you covered with this eBook.

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