eBook: Delight Your Customers with HVAC Field Service Management

HVAC — or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning — is an industry within field service where time and efficiency are crucial. If a client’s heat goes down in the winter (in most parts of the world) or their AC goes down in the summer (ditto), it could mean millions of dollars of lost revenue and affected parts and machines if an HVAC technician can’t be dispatched quickly and fix the problem the first time out.

Despite this need for more effective integration of services in HVAC companies, research has found that 74% of such companies — essentially 3 in 4 — aren’t using any field service management software systems. Of the 26% that are, most use GPS-enabled scheduling software (66%) or GPS-enabled routing capabilities (61%).

In short, it seems that within the HVAC sector of field service, GPS technologies have caught on but not broader FSM programs. How could the latter benefit HVAC?

FSM programs are a huge value-add to HVAC companies, often in the following ways:

Integration of core business operations
Achievement of KPIs
Happier employees
Better use of data

Those are a fairly ‘big four’ in terms of business achievements — alignment, KPIs, more productive employees, and better use of data — but the elephant in the room is typically cost.

The old adage is ‘spend money to make money,’ and that’s true here too. But that doesn’t mean your CFO and other decision-makers want to spend the money. You need a path to convincing them of the value-add and ROI.

In this new eBook we wrote on the topic of FSM software in HVAC companies, we give you some of the ROI arguments to help you make your case. (We’re nice people.)

You can download the eBook as a way to get started thinking about how to move out of that 74% who doesn’t use FSM software tools. Once you’ve looked it over, let us know if you have any questions about specific pain points in your business. We love to help out small business HVAC companies and can work with yours as well.

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