Get The Most Out of Your Field Service Management Software

At a trade show recently, we met a small business field service owner. We ended up having a great conversation, and one aspect stood out. He told us that he searches the Internet all the time for solutions for small businesses, but most of the articles he finds are fluffy and generic. They’re full of buzzwords. “Don’t get me started on some of the groups and forums out there,” he said. “They used to be good, but now it’s all just people selling stuff to you.”

We know how that feels. So, we asked this owner what types of resources he would want.

He gave us a few ideas, but again, one stood out. “A lot of times,” he admitted, “my decision-making gets held up because I know I need something, like field service management software or a new truck or whatever it is, but I get stopped because I know the cost equation but not the rollout.”

This was interesting. Many people make decisions based off cost — especially SMBs. We try to price our solutions appropriately as a result. But we hadn’t been thinking as much about why decisions really get stopped: lack of knowledge about execution.

With this owner in mind, here’s what we did: we put together a document about all the steps in the process of using and maximizing field service software. It starts with “even thinking about the idea.” and it goes all the way through using it with actual customers and contracts.

You can get it below. We hope it’s helpful.

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