Computer service management companies can deal with some pretty stressful situations.

According to Symantec, 47% of enterprises and 37% of SMBs lost data in the cloud. Worse still: 66% of companies — both enterprise and SMB — saw data recovery operations fail. Broadly speaking, that means if you’re client is a decision-maker at an enterprise company, they’re staring down the barrel of this one-two punch:

  • 1 in 2 chance of losing data
  • 2 in 3 chance of not getting it back

Those are not great numbers for any business to be considering.

What’s worse? Sixty percent of companies that lose data and can’t restore it end up shutting down within six months of the disaster. This might seem high, but it’s actually somewhat logical: whether they’re B2C or B2B, most data involves customers or clients. When that data is lost, you create a rift in that relationship.

The point is: computer service problems, especially around data loss, are huge concerns for your field service clients. You need to get to them quickly and solve the problem quickly — or at least provide a game plan for how the problem will be solved.

In order to do this important work, you need a system and series of processes where all of your business functions are integrated: customer information, scheduling, dispatching, inventory, billing, GPS, etc. That’s what we provide. Our goal is to help you help your clients, which in turn should drive your revenue upward. Whether that’s through SLA agreements, government contracts, or a simple break/fix call, we help you:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Efficiencies
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Learn How Our Security Company Management Software Can Help Computer Repair Companies

Computer Repair Management Software that Incorporates All Necessary Business Functions

Optsy’s recently updated computer repair service management software provides small- to medium-sized technological maintenance companies with a reliable, integrated accounting and scheduling system that works the way you do. Our dynamic, customizable field service management software allows your business to efficiently function while taking into account the unique elements and situations involved in the computer repair service industry.

As technology becomes more prevalent in everyday business functions, so do equipment malfunctions and data loss. These significant issues require your small to medium-sized computer repair service business to utilize the most effective computer repair management software that is capable of dispatching and scheduling your company’s technicians who are nearest to your customers’ locations within an acceptable time frame.

Your customizable Optsy computer repair service management software helps your office employees schedule and route your company’s field technicians in a timely manner in order to get your clients’ computers or other devices back online—as well as to help these customers retrieve lost data.

Not only does Optsy’s computer repair management software increase your company’s workday efficiency and productivity through its dispatching, routing, and scheduling functions, but it also helps to build and improve relationships with your business’s customers.

Our specialized computer repair customer relationship management software provides your business with the necessary tools that promote jobsite optimization and customer satisfaction. First-time fix rates and prompt attention are critical to your computer repair service business’s success, and Optsy helps your company achieve these goals by integrating all relevant customer contact information, jobsite notes, and work orders with your company’s dispatching and scheduling components.

Computer Repair Service Management Software that Helps Your Business Help Other Small- To Medium-Sized Businesses

One distinct feature most often seen in the computer repair service industry is the size of customer businesses. Most businesses that consult computer repair service companies for assistance are small- to mid-sized operations that do not contain an IT department.

These small- to medium-size business customers desire an efficient, reputable computer repair service company to work as quickly and efficiently as they do—just as Optsy works the way you do by streamlining workday processes, and optimizing jobsite productivity.

Utilizing Optsy’s recently updated computer repair customer relationship management software interface allows your computer repair service business to cater to your clients’ specific needs while promoting other small- to medium-sized businesses like your own.

Our computer repair management software integrates all of the necessary accounting, dispatching, inventory, routing, and scheduling functions for your small- to medium-sized business, which increasingly provides opportunities to improve overall customer satisfaction—all in one flexible, easily navigable program.

Reduce Costs and Drive Profitability with Optsy’s Computer Repair Service Management Software

Optsy’s computer repair management software helps your small- to mid-sized computer repair business thrive monetarily by reducing unnecessary labor, material, and travel expenses. Our dynamic software allows your field technicians to optimize jobsite efficiency by utilizing their mobile Optsy apps to access work order information including:

  • Service level agreements
  • Inventory and parts lists
  • Specific customer jobsite notes
  • Daily schedules and routes

Being able to locate documents containing the scope of work, lists of available parts within a particular company vehicle or warehouse, the amount of allotted time in which a technician is expected to complete a job, and other notes pertaining to a job’s work order history at the tap of an electronic device is crucial to success in the computer repair service industry.

Optsy’s computer repair management software makes it simple for your business’s technicians to access any entered information associated with a work order straight from their mobile devices. Jobsite technicians are able to view a list of required jobsite parts, and make sure that their trucks are loaded with the correct inventory in order to boost your company’s first-time fix rate.

Along with having all of the required jobsite and inventory information at your technicians’ fingertips, Optsy’s computer repair service management software also includes a desktop-to-mobile data synchronization system that provides work order updates in real time.

This unique feature reduces your business’s expenses by negating the need for detailed phone calls between your field technicians and your office employees to discuss work order information that can easily be transferred between and viewed on Optsy’s mobile and desktop components.

Time is money, and our computer repair service management software aims to help your company improve its workplace and jobsite time efficiency in order to decrease time and labor expenses.

Not only does Optsy’s recently updated computer repair service management software interface increase your small- to medium-sized computer repair business’s profitability by cutting labor and time costs, but also by decreasing daily travel costs to and from jobsite locations.

Your computer repair service company can utilize the route assistant feature within Optsy’s dynamic schedule board. The route assistant feature allows your scheduling department and other office employees to create daily technician itineraries by using jobsite and employee home GPS coordinates to more effectively route your company’s jobsite workers.

By organizing your computer repair service technicians’ schedules using Optsy’s linear, GPS-oriented approach, your company can reduce costs by driving fewer miles each day—which means using less of your company’s profits to pay for extra fuel and truck maintenance.

Our computer repair service management software’s route optimization feature also allows technicians’ to more efficiently reach job sites throughout the workday, granting your company more opportunities to grow and serve your customer base while maximizing your business’s bottom line.

A Complex Computer Repair Service Management System that is Easy to Manage

Although Optsy’s newest version of computer repair service management software is capable of containing and processing vast amounts of company financial and scheduling data, it is also easily navigable and understandable. Our customizable Optsy system provides users who are familiar with accounting and scheduling software—and even those who are unfamiliar with business management software—with a program that is flexible and user friendly.

Optsy’s computer repair management system works the way you do by allowing users to access company accounting, customer, employee, inventory, scheduling, and vendor information through numerous different avenues—icons, menus, tabs, etc.—located within the homepage screen.


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