Electricians need to master a great many tools of the trade to do their best work — the job of an electrician isn’t just about electricity! Starting on the first day as an apprentice, electricians use tools to break through walls, splice wires, patch holes, and more. Many modern tools are upgraded versions of traditional implements, but today’s electrician companies also need a range of digital devices. From heritage contraptions to cutting-edge software, explore the 20 most important electrician tools to add to or build your your idea electrical toolkit.

20. Insulated Gloves

Insulated gloves protect your skin from electricity, making them one of the most basic tools for an electrician. No self-respecting electrician would go to a job site without top-rated insulated gloves!

19. Flashlight

You can count on working in the dark during a lot of jobs. Flashlights will help you see even when the power is out.

18. Flame Retardant Clothing

Arc flashes, fires, and electrocution are ever present risks of the job. Your electrical toolkit must include good quality clothing that won’t catch fire when you’re exposed to those risks.

17. Rescue Rods and Hooks

A rescue rod is designed to drag injured people away from electrical dangers. Keep a rescue hook in your electrical toolkit to pull people away from dangerous currents in case of emergency.

16. Level

A level is a smart addition to any toolbox. Make sure you’re installing lights, wiring, trim, finishes, and anything else in a straight line by adding a standard level to your set of electrician tools.

15. Circuit Finders and Analyzers

You can quickly and easily measure voltage and see where breakers lead with circuit finders and analyzers. These digital devices are a modern innovation worth adding to any electrical toolkit.

14. Internet-Connected Phone or Tablet

Today’s clients expect up-to-date communication from their electrician. Make sure you have a working (and charged!) smartphone or tablet so you can stay in touch with customers before and after their appointment. It’s a great way to ensure repeat and referral business.

13. Knockout Punch Set

A knockout punch is a single-use gadget that makes crisp, round holes in electric panels for installing conduits. A knockout punch is one of the best tools for an electrician who cares about doing the best job.

12. Conduit Bender

Electricians often run wiring through protective pipes and conduits. Conduit benders shape these pipes into angles and shapes, helping you provide a customized finish for any project.

11. Rechargeable Drill Drivers

Electric drill drivers are multifunction tools that make any job faster and more efficient. Bore holes, fasten or unfasten screws, and much more without tripping over a cord, making them an essential electrician tool.

10. Chain Pliers

Chain pliers open and close links without damaging their finish. It’s easy to adjust swag and hanging light fixtures when you have chain pliers on your electrical tool list.

9. Digital Design Tools

Visuals help prospective clients find your company and can help you convey information about the work you’ll be doing for customers. Templates make it easy for anyone to create beautiful graphics, even when you’re trained as an electrician and not an artist. Look for web-based, drag-and-drop design software that guides you through the design process.

8. Fish Tape

Despite its whimsical name, fish tape ranks high on our list of must have electrical tools. Electricians use fish tape to run wiring through conduit piping so it’s a vital part of any electrical project.

7. Tape Measure

You’ll save yourself endless stress and frustration with a tape measure on hand. Remember, measure twice, cut once.

6. Electrical Tape

Used to insulate connective wires, electrical tape is one of the most essential electrician’s tools. Electricians use this pressure-sensitive tape on every project to prevent overloading live wires and avoid electrocution.

5. Social Media Scheduling Software

Modern electricians can reap huge benefits from connecting with their clients on social media, but that doesn’t mean you should be on your phone all day long. Scheduling software helps you plan posts ahead of time so you can engage your community without interrupting a job.

4. Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are used to remove the plastic coating from wires. Once the inner metal is exposed, electricians can splice wires together to connect the project. This is another essential electrical tool for your toolkit.

3. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are a must-have on any job. Look for multi-bit screwdrivers that can handle any type of hardware.

2. Pliers

Cutting or lineman pliers are one of the most essential electrician tools. Pliers can be used to cut wires as well as twist, bend, grip, and otherwise rearrange them. Any good electrical toolkit will include a diverse set of pliers.

1. Business Management Software Designed for Electricians

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