As a business owner in the field service industry, you know that your company’s success hinges on its ability to efficiently track and manage the equipment that supports your operations. Clients need fast delivery times and meticulous maintenance of their gear, so it’s essential for businesses like yours to have technology-based solutions in place that allow maximum visibility into equipment status and location — both online and in real time. 

Understanding the Benefits of Equipment Tracking in Field Service Companies

Implementing the right type of equipment tracking in field service companies can provide a range of benefits to businesses. Tracking devices can be used not only to keep tabs on physical assets, but also for providing data that would potentially shed light on the efficiency and effectiveness of any given service. Having the right type of equipment tracking in place can play an important role in ensuring that businesses remain competitive and successful.

Establishing Necessary Processes for Implementing Equipment Tracking

Implementing equipment tracking in field service companies is an important aspect of ensuring a profitable, sustainable business. Establishing necessary procedures for property tracking is essential in achieving resolution-based rather than reactive maintenance practices, as well as ongoing compliance with relevant standards, regulations, and best practices for all assets owned and/or managed by the company. This supports resource allocation, reduces operating costs, and maximizes profitability.

Identifying the Right Technology for Your Company

When it comes to identifying the right technology for your field service company, a few considerations must be taken into account. 

Accuracy in tracking equipment is of paramount importance; hence, it is important that a solution is chosen which can accurately and consistently monitor the exact GPS location and status of every single piece of equipment. 

There must be an easy way to access data collected– not just by IT personnel, but by those working on the ground as well. 

The technology should be easily scalable so that as the size or type of fleet grows, so too does the use of equipment tracking.

Optsy’s FSM software can do all of this and more.

Implementing Robust Training Programs for Your Employees

Training your employees with a robust program is an imperative part of implementing any new process or system. Taking time to provide comprehensive trainings shows your employees that you value their ability to understand new systems quickly and accurately—ultimately leading to smoother implementation of any workflow changes.

Creating Clear Policies and Procedures to Monitor Equipment Utilization

Developing clear policies and procedures to monitor equipment utilization is essential for any field service organization. Such processes also help prevent loss or misuse of equipment, while tracking important data such as downtime, scheduling conflicts, and maintenance. Having well-defined protocols set in place will ensure resources are used efficiently and employees have the right tools when they need them. 

Automating Data Analysis to Measure Performance and Efficiency

Automating the data analysis process when it comes to tracking equipment in a field service company has massive potential for improving performance and efficiency. By automatically compiling the data into easily understandable visuals, companies can quickly assess their current workflow and pinpoint areas for improvement. 

Implementing an equipment tracking system into a field service company provides many benefits, such as improved performance and efficiency, clearer policies and procedure creation, real-time data analysis capabilities, and the ability to modify orders on-the-go.

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