HVAC — or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning — is an industry within field service where time and efficiency are crucial.

Despite the need for effective integration of services in HVAC company management, research has found that 74% of such companies — essentially 3 in 4 — aren’t using a HVAC scheduling software or dispatch software. Field service software is the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

Field service software is essentially an HVAC work order management software that has been integrated with the other areas of your business. Having HVAC work order management software alone is a great first step to improving your efficiency, but if your work orders are removed from your CRM, or even your invoicing, you’re going to be doing manual integration that Optsy could have handled for you.

Having an integrated field service management software benefits you by:

  • Reducing Costs
  • Integrating your core business processes
  • Increasing satisfaction and work-life of employees
  • Leveraging real data for decision-making


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Learn More About How Optsy Field Service Management Software Can Benefit HVAC Companies

HVAC Scheduling Software that Integrates Core Business Processes

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—better known as “HVAC”—sector of the field service industry is highly competitive, which makes it crucial to have all of your small- to medium-sized business’s core processes conveniently managed within one software program.

Optsy’s lastest version of HVAC scheduling field service management software provides your company with all of the necessary accounting, dispatching, reporting, and scheduling functions that are critical to your business’s success in one easy-to-use system—allowing you, your office employees, and technicians at jobsites to be more efficient throughout the workday.

Along with optimized workday efficiency and time management, integrating your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business’s data into Optsy’s HVAC field service management software benefits your company by:

  • Helping reduce expenses due to more effective inventory and route management
  • Providing all of the necessary data neededto make well-informed business decisions

Optsy’s Field Service Management Software Offers Mid-Sized HVAC Businesses Familiarity and Flexibility

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning businesses with five to fifty employees often see the best results in terms of overall company management by implementing our newly released HVAC field service management software. If your company utilizes a steady group of specialized, in-house technicians as opposed to subcontractors, Optsy’s HVAC scheduling software can help create and maintain a streamlined, unparalleled employee dispatch system.

Our field service management software offers small- to mid-sized companies a dynamic, flexible approach to organizing the numerous aspects that make your business stand out among the list of competing HVAC companies.

A Combination of Features that Boosts HVAC Field Service Industry Success

Optsy’s HVAC field service management software works the way you do by combining accounting, scheduling, and reporting functions, providing users with a scalable system that manages and optimizes workplace and jobsite performance—and in turn, your company’s overall profitability.


Integrating your business’s HVAC scheduling and accounting software program is imperative to driving your company’s overall profitability while optimizing employee performance. The competitive mid-sized HVAC repair and installation business needs to be able to generate financial reports and review customer invoices in an efficient manner in order to maximize the company’s bottom line, and ensure that invoices are being paid in a timely fashion after job completion.

Money management is critical to business success, and your customizable Optsy HVAC field service management software provides users with all of the necessary invoice and cash flow data within each specific customer work order, making it easier to track finances relative to particular jobs.

HVAC Dispatch Software and HVAC Scheduling Software

Optsy’s customizable HVAC dispatch software routes your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business’s technicians to workday or after-hours break-fix service call—or other simple service call—jobsites according to their home GPS coordinates. Our HVAC field service management software even offers users a route assistance feature within the dynamic drag-and-drop schedule board, which filters technicians by availability within a specific date range and mile radius.

Once you select the required date and mileage ranges, your customizable Optsy HVAC dispatch software displays a list of available field technicians, and you can simply drag and drop the desired technician’s name into the open time slot. This will then send that technician a push notification on their mobile device through the Optsy mobile app.

An essential process that helps your business communicate more efficiently by cutting down on the number of phone calls, text messages, and emails needed to be sent out across your business when new and timely jobs come in or other major changes happen. The Optsy HVAC dispatch software and scheduling software is designed with your business needs in mind to help you keep up with the fast-paced HVAC industry and customer demands.

Your small- to medium-size business benefits from utilizing our flexible HVAC scheduling software in a multitude of ways, and notably, due to its recognizable program screens that are reminiscent of Windows Outlook. This familiarity allows your office employees to quickly adapt to and navigate around your customizable Optsy HVAC field service management system during the transition from other scheduling programs to our advanced field service software.


Another noteworthy feature included in your company’s Optsy HVAC field service management software is the ability to tailor reports to fit your business’s needs. Our unique field service software allows users to open job costing reports and the like in a data view where you and your office employees can check the boxes next to the specific data sets desired for a particular custom report.

However, desktop users are not the only employees who can input and alter data for job cost reporting purposes. Your technicians in the field can utilize their Optsy mobile apps to assign hours to certain labor codes at each particular jobsite, which syncs directly to and updates your office employees’ desktop Optsy HVAC field service management system accordingly.

Depending upon the nature of the job, flat rates can even be added to work orders through both the Optsy mobile app and desktop version, enhancing your small- to medium-sized heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business’s job cost reporting capabilities, and consequently expediting the customer invoicing process.

Implementing Optsy’s HVAC Field Service Management Software

Perhaps your small- to medium-size HVAC business is already comfortably utilizing accounting and HVAC scheduling software, and you are concerned about making the switch to Optsy’s customizable HVAC field service management system. Transferring your HVAC company’s data from QuickBooks and other similar programs is straightforward and hassle free. Let one of our highly trained team members walk you through the implementation process, or simply click on the specified icon within your new Optsy HVAC field service management software and follow the prompts to import your existing customer, vendor, scheduling, and financial information.


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