One of the most sure-fire ways to lose a customer is when a tech needs to come back 3-4 times due to not having the right parts. If you want to grow, you need a strong first-time fix rate. Our inventory management system assures that by providing:

  • Mobile access
  • Stock management
  • Audit trail
  • Automatic inventory adjustment based on use in field or purchasing activity
  • Purchasing control
  • Purchase requisition management


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    Learn More About How Optsy Field Service Management Software Can Help You Better Manage Inventory.

    Superior Stock Management with Optsy’s Inventory Management System

    Your field service industry business’s success is largely based upon your company’s ability to appropriately monitor inventory. Parts come in, parts go out, and your office managers and employees need a system that is both flexible and dependable in order to track inventory levels.

    One simple way to retain customers and attract new clients is by utilizing an inventory management system which guarantees that your technicians in the field have the necessary tools and materials required for a strong first-time fix rate.

    Optsy’s inventory tracking software provides both technicians at jobsites and office employees with real-time inventory updates, making stock management simple, easily accessible, and accurate across your entire field service industry business.

    An Inventory Control System that Adjusts Data in Real-Time

    Optsy’s dynamic field service management software program offers business owners, office managers, and field technicians an inventory tracking system that automatically adjusts stock levels based on parts usage in the field, or due to purchasing activity from within your business’s central office. Office employees can use the desktop version of Optsy while technicians at jobsites can access the Optsy mobile app to view inventory levels in each of your field service industry company’s warehouses.

    Inventory Management

    Whether your company’s warehouses are brick-and-mortar buildings or technicians’ trucks, Optsy’s updated inventory management system allows employees in the office on a desktop and at jobsites on a mobile device to access a complete list of in-stock parts.

    How Optsy’s Real-Time Inventory Management System Works

    Tracking your field service industry business’s inventory levels is now easier than ever in Optsy’s latest version of field service management software.  Our most recent software interface update provides users with an optimized parts-tracking method that increases technician efficiency at jobsites, resulting in a strong client-retention rate.

    • Using the “Warehouse Lookup” tab, business owners and office employees can view, track, and edit inventory levels at each of your company’s warehouses.
    • Similarly, technicians in the field can press the “Parts” icon on their Optsy mobile app to view parts data within your business’s multiple warehouses.

    Effective Purchasing Control with Optsy Inventory Management

    Optsy’s flexible and efficient inventory tracking software also works in conjunction with purchase orders and work orders.  Our most recent update to Optsy’s software interface allows purchase orders to be linked with particular jobs, parts, warehouses, and can even help desktop users manage complex blanket purchase orders.

    Why Optsy’s Inventory Control System is a Perfect Solution for Stock Management

    Flexibility and ease-of-use are what differentiate Optsy’s inventory tracking software from the competition.  Our software interface’s ability to preset which requested parts are associated with specific warehouses and work orders provides users with simple, one-click stock organization.

    Stock management with Optsy makes producing purchase and sales history reports for specific parts effortless.  An office manager and/or purchasing agents can accumulate quotes from numerous vendors for certain parts, track those quotes, choose the most cost-effective bidder, and automatically turn that quote into a purchase order.

    There are countless ways in which Optsy’s purchasing feature within the inventory management system works the way you do.  Office employees in your field service industry business’s purchasing department can generate purchase orders from parts files, work orders, or warehouses.  The ability to create these purchase orders and automatically link them to the designated work orders, warehouses, and the like makes our field service management software the leader in functionality.


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