Keep Your Team Organized With Mobile Field Service Management

Running any type of field service business means that you’re in charge of a lot of moving parts. You have managers, and you have employees — but then your technicians (or “plumbers” or “repair people” depending on your specific industry) are the ones meeting with clients all day and solving their problems. The technicians are out in the field. Very infrequently are they in the office — and if they are in the office, that’s probably not great for your revenue stream.

In short, you have a lot going on and people are moving all over the place; some of your technicians may do five to six appointments in a day, if not more. Your employees have meetings at your HQ, and your managers may be flying around to meet new potential clients (assuming you work beyond just your local area).

With 10 different people in 10 different places on any given day, how do you keep the day-to-day operations of your FSO running smoothly?

The easiest answer is a mobile FSM solution.

A mobile field service management solution usually takes the form of an app. There will be different security levels within the app relative to the role in your company, but basically all your employees download the app — and everything they might need is contained within it. This would include:

Customer data
Document storage
Inventory management
Technician appointments
Sales data/progress

That way, if Manager A is at an airport and Technician A is at a client site — and those two locations are 1,000 miles apart — both Manager A and Technician A can get on the same page with the FSM solution.

It’s one of the easiest ways to keep your team organized. Mobile is essentially becoming everything in a lot of businesses; customers prefer to get information on their phones, because their phones are always with them. This is totally true in all types of field service industries. Mobile FSM is a combination of embracing available technology and basic human psychology about the ease of checking your phone.

In the process, your team becomes more organized.

Mobile FSM is also a good profit pathway for your FSO. If you ruin a small business FSO and it’s not quite profitable yet, consider downloading the eBook below. It’ll get you started on some approaches to profitability through field service.

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