Our mapping and routing software allows you to optimize routes by specific technicians. Within our scheduling board, there’s a route assistance feature that can also rearrange routes for time optimization in terms of the various destinations scheduled. In addition, there are integrations with overall inventory and by-item inventory management to make sure your trucks roll ready for first-time fixes.

We tie in GPS and merge it with a routing assistant — and all the while, customers can also track where their appointments stand. Our capabilities allow you to:

  • Track current location of technicians
  • Plan ahead and locate the next service address with the routing assistant


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    Learn More About How Real-Time Map Routing Can Help Improve Your Bottom Line

    Real-Time Map Routing that Adapts to Your Schedule

    Planning the daily routes on which you dispatch your small- to medium-sized field service industry business’s technicians can be challenging and time-consuming. Optsy’s latest version of field service management software helps ease the burden on office managers and those employees in your company’s scheduling department by offering a route assistance feature that modernizes and optimizes the way your business maps work orders.

    Mapping and Routing

    Your customizable, one-of-a-kind Optsy field service management system allows users to map or rearrange routes based on technicians’ home GPS coordinates that are entered into your Optsy system’s “Employee Contact Information” screen. Your office manager can even utilize the route assistance function within Optsy’s scheduling board to automatically alter technicians’ previously assigned daily dispatch courses—merging their preexisting workday routes with emergency or break or fix repair call locations that arise at the last minute along or near their assigned routes.

    Mapping & Routing Software that Incorporates Technician Data

    What happens when your field service industry business receives an emergency repair or break or fix call? Oftentimes, your scheduling department employees and other office workers have to actively search through each technicians’ daily schedule to see what routes they will be traveling—and the timeframes in which they currently are not scheduled to be working on another service call—in order to dispatch the nearest employee to the jobsite. This process hampers overall company efficiency, and in turn, leads to diminished returns in relation to your business’s bottom line.

    Mapping work orders—whether it’s an emergency service call, or a client in need of a future HVAC, plumbing, or other similar industry installation and/or repair—in this tedious fashion is a thing of the past with Optsy’s recently updated field service software interface that uses technician data to optimize your company’s routing processes.

    How Optsy Uses Technician Data for Mapping Work Orders

    The first step in utilizing technician data for map routing purposes within Optsy occurs when your office manager generates a new work order, or opens an already existing customer job for a break or fix service call. Within the “Work Order” screen, there is a tab that allows your office employees to filter existing technician schedules by date and mileage range.

    Once the date and mileage radius filters are applied to this particular work order, your Optsy field service management system displays a list of every work order within that specific time and mileage range. This feature showcases which of your company’s nearby technicians have available time slots to work on that customer’s specific service call.

    Map Routing that Maintains a Human Element

    Although Optsy’s latest version of field service management software simplifies the workday by automating mapping and routing functions, the software still allows the “human element” to help make scheduling decisions when desired. After the date and mileage filters are applied to search for technicians nearby a new or existing work order, your office manager can use their discretion in choosing which listed technicians’ schedule would best fit the task at hand.

    All your office employees have to do is drag and drop a technician’s name from the displayed list, and place it into one of the gaps in your company’s schedule. This feature showcases one of the many ways that Optsy works the way you do by utilizing an advanced search system while incorporating human opinions and preferences.

    Mapping Work Orders Using Optsy’s Route Assistance Feature

    Not only does Optsy provide users with a field service management system that utilizes technician data to configure schedules and routes, but it also incorporates a route assistance feature within your company’s scheduling board that creates an efficient daily workflow for your employees in the field. This unique routing assistance capability is part of our latest round of software interface updates that are designed to optimize your field service industry business’s productivity levels—which also increases both employee and customer satisfaction—while maximizing your company’s bottom line.

    Optsy’s Mapping & Routing Software Benefits

    Your scheduling department employees are familiar with perusing through a list of technicians who are available to travel to jobsites for break or fix calls and the like during a specific timeframe. However, your small- to medium-sized field service business’s customized Optsy mapping and routing software features a route assistant program located within the schedule board screen that takes the legwork out of manually sorting through and altering your technicians’ current daily routes.

    Although your business’s office managers and employees are responsible for accurately entering customer jobsite address information for the route assistant to work effectively, your Optsy field service software does all of the tedious information compilation for you by downloading the latitude and longitude coordinates for every address entered into your Optsy software. This data-gathering system organizes technicians’ schedules into routes that are the most linear to prevent zigzagging and backtracking across the map, and increases your field service industry business’s profitability.

    Mapping Work Orders through Various Optsy Screens

    Optsy’s way of mapping work orders allows your small- to medium-sized company to automatically assign your technicians to time-efficient routes not only through the schedule board, but also by clicking the “Technician Routing” icon located within the “Lookup Manager” box on the left side of your customized field service software’s screen. True to the Optsy standard, our latest version of mapping and routing software offers users the flexibility to access dynamic features through numerous avenues, making it the most effective, user-friendly field service management system on the market.


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