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For many years, Optsy has worked with a variety of small to mid-sized businesses in field services industries, including, but certainly not limited to, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Construction Services. With our customizable field service management software, we provide solutions that streamline your company’s processes and improve your workflow. We understand that appointments can change, and jobs can run over time. Our software helps users in the office and at the jobsites manage and change schedules in real time. Our solutions help manage accounting as well as allow you to create customized reporting that’s tailored to meet the needs of your business. All of this from one central program!

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discovered the multitude of benefits that our customizable software solutions provide for your business. You also know Optsy’s commitment to improving our already user friendly software. You know that we are constantly striving to improve our solutions, exceeding our customer’s expectations at every turn.

Check out our latest software updates!

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve our software, we’re excited to tell you about our latest updates! These updates may seem small, but we know they’ll have a big impact on your daily tasks. For September, we’re rolling out two new updates. We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

Update #1: Easy Invoicing & Automated Follow-Up

We’ve updated our Invoicing Feature to be more automated and easier to use. Before the update, invoicing was a bit more of a manual process. To

Optsy Blog—Update to Invoice Management

send out an invoice, you would have to find the invoice, click on the right tab, click to print the invoice, and then email it out to the customer.

Now, we’ve created a feature that automatically sends out invoices for you! For each customer, our program will automatically email an invoice that is overdue, without you having to lift a finger.

We’ve created four options for customer setup. You can have customers invoiced on either a 30 day cycle, a 45 day cycle, or a 60 day cycle. Plus, you can also choose to not send customers an automated email invoice.

So if you happen to have a particular customer who you don’t want to automatically email overdue invoices to on a 30, 45, or 60 day cycle, you don’t actually have to. Setting up this new feature is easy. All you have to do is go to your customer’s information, click on the “Edit Details” tab, and select one of the four invoicing options. That’s it! From there you don’t have to worry about those invoices anymore.

This is a huge time saver for your business. You no longer need to check to see if you have overdue invoices. You don’t have to remember if you did or didn’t email those overdue invoices to every single one of your customers. This update will make your Accounts Receivable management so much more efficient. Set it up, and forget about it. Now, you have more time to focus on all of the other important tasks that you have.

Update #2

We’ve made some changes to our employee job tracking that we know will make this feature much easier for you.

Previously, when you had an employee who was no longer active in your company, the customers that that employee worked with would all be moved from that employee to “Unassigned”. So if you had an employee who perhaps switches jobs or maybe retires, the work history for that person would then be registered as “Unassigned” instead of being registered under that person’s name.

With this new update, we’ve changed that process. Instead of moving from the inactive employee’s name to “Unassigned”, all of that history transfers to read only mode. Even though the employee is no longer active, you can still access all of the history that under that employee’s name. This makes it much easier to find that specific information that you need without searching through a whole list of unassigned employee history.

Why are these updates so important?

How many hats do you wear at your business? For most small to mid-sized businesses, you’re overseeing a lot of the daily management yourself. Not only are you managing employee schedules, you’re also handling all of the accounting too. Plus, you’re taking care of all of the unexpected issues that pop up, like sudden schedule changes, unforeseen issues with customers, jobs that take longer than you thought they would, and all of the other things that are part of running a business.

Optsy’s field management software streamlines your day, eliminating a lot of the tedious tasks that take up your time. This frees you up to focus on everything else. Not only do our customizable solutions make your business more efficient, they give you peace of mind. You know that you aren’t forgetting important tasks because Optsy is automatically taking care of those tasks for you. You can be confident that you’re managing your business effectively. You can be assured that you have the time to provide the best customer service possible.

For more information about Optsy’s field services management software interface programs, check out our website, call us directly at (888)-996-7609. We’re always happy to help you decide what features are right for your business.

Additionally, we appreciate all customer feedback as it allows us to improve and evolve based on the needs of our customers. Do you have questions or comments? We want to hear from you!

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