Our field service reporting software tool gives you access in real time to the KPIs that drive your bottom line. These include:

  • Performance tracking
  • Flexibility and drill-down capabilities
  • Custom report builder
  • Exportable functionality


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    Enhanced Customized Reporting with Optsy Field Management Software

    Optsy’s recent updates to our field service management software interface provides small- to medium-sized field service business owners and office managers with improved and unequaled customized reporting capabilities. Our latest version of field service reporting software gives you, your office managers, and your financial department employees real-time access to the key performance indicators that drive your company’s bottom line. Optsy’s field service reporting software works the way you do by providing the following functionality for field service industry businesses like yours:

    • Performance tracking
    • Flexibility
    • Drill-down capabilities
    • Custom report building
    • Exportable data sets and reports

    Field Service Reporting Software that Tracks all Aspects of Company Performance

    Your field service industry business tracks jobsite performance by using labor codes, and Optsy’s state-of-the-art field service management software helps your company’s office managers, office employees, and technicians in the field correctly assign billable hours to labor codes with ease. The steps are as follows:

    • You or your office manager assigns a specific, billable dollar value to each labor code entered into your field service software.
    • These labor codes can be labeled and monitored according to a specific field service performed at a jobsite, or they can correspond to different pay levels such as straight-time pay, overtime pay, and double-time pay.
    • Technicians in the field will utilize their mobile Optsy apps to apply their hours worked on particular jobsites to the labor code that correctly reflects their particular workday tasks and rates.
    • Then, following these real-time billable-hour updates, you, your office manager, or other financial department employees using Optsy’s desktop field service reporting software can generate both financial and time performance reports for each job based on hours assigned to every individual labor code.

    Our exceptional field service reporting software works the way you do by organizing the entered jobsite data into easily accessible and understandable reports so that your field service industry business’s office employees can analyze technicians’ jobsite performance, dispatch the most efficient and qualified technicians to particular jobsites that require a certain level of skills, and adjust labor code prices accordingly in order to boost your company’s bottom line. Optsy’s field service reporting software helps gauge employee performance by:

    • Viewing a customized performance tracking report for a designated labor code.
    • Seeing how long in terms of billable hours it took each technician in the field to complete this specific break, fix or quick-repair labor code.
    • Analyze the disparities between technicians’recorded billable hours for future jobsite performance optimization.

    Flexible Field Service Reporting Software

    Ubiquitous across Optsy’s updated field service software interface is our program’s state-of-the-art flexibility and drill-down capabilities. Thesequalities are best displayed throughout the reporting portion of our system, which is accessible from nearly any screen on your business’s Optsy program. This readily available information negates the need to backtrack through numerous data screens, saving you and your team time, and making your entire field service company’s workday progress more efficiently.

    For example, you and your office managers can view reports from within work order screens without having to click on a separate “reporting” icon. Your business’s customizable Optsy field service reporting software system allows you and your office employees to double-click on technicians’ names within work order screens in order to view their recorded billable hours against that specific job. Optsy’s dynamic field service management system even allows users to generate sales history reports for a particular material listed under each work order’s “Parts” tab.

    Create Custom Reports within Your Optsy Field Service Software

    Optsy’s flexibility allows you and your office managers to generate custom reports from any screen within your system. Our recently updated field service reporting software utilizes an advanced reporting method that utilizes “lookup” screens instead of a report center.Your office manager can produce custom reports by simply clicking on one of the many “lookups” located under the “Lookup Manager” tab on the left side of your Optsy software screen, which include:

    • Customer Lookup
    • Jobsite Lookup
    • Payments Lookup
    • Contact Lookup
    • Equipment Lookup
    • Agreement Lookup
    • Work Order Lookup
    • Warehouse Lookup
    • Parts Lookup
    • PO Quote Lookup
    • PO Lookup

    All you need to do is select a “lookup” screen from the aforementioned list, and click on a particular part, agreement, technician, etc. to display a report that corresponds to your desired data for which you would like to see a detailed report. You can sort and filter the data from any “lookup” screen in a way similar to which you would manipulate spreadsheet data—i.e., numbers, rows, and columns—in other programs.

    Then, your Optsy field service reporting software allows you to customize date ranges and remove unused labels and columnsin these reports, which are exportable to Microsoft Excel. Our unique, integrated field service management system takes data manipulation and report creation to the next level, helping your field service industry business achieve optimal profit and jobsite results.

    Optsy Offers Report Familiarity

    Creating your field service industry business’s own customized reports can certainly be helpful when analyzing specialized time, material, and financial information, but Optsy also comes standard with basic reports with which your office employees may already be familiar. There are approximately fifty preset reports within your Optsy field service reporting software that monitor basic company functions such as:

    • Profit and Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Sales
    • Inventory

    However, you and your office employees are still able to tweak the information that is displayed in these standard reports by opening them in data view. Similar to Microsoft Access, your Optsy field service management software allows users to check boxes next to certain data sets that you would like to see featured in each report.

    Export Data from Your Field Service Reporting Software

    Another dynamic feature found within your business’s Optsy field service management software is the ability to export data into Microsoft Excel. This is a useful—and many times overlooked—component to any field service software program because it allows your company to communicate data to customers and vendors who are still utilizing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for their day-to-day operations. This integrative feature also allows you or your office employees to mail merge—better described as sending out a mass email—, which strengthens business relationships between your field service company and its customers.


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