Field service management (FSM) software is great for helping you run your roofing business, keep track of contracts, and even schedule your staff, but have you considered how it can help you close more sales and make more money?

Because you have access to everything right from a phone, laptop, or tablet, you can move faster, be more efficient, and offer the prospective customer everything they need better than your competition.

Instant offers

Using an FSM program like Optsy, you can create offers instantly. You can even excuse yourself, go to your truck for a few minutes, and email the offer to the prospect from the truck. In less than five minutes, you can have a detailed offer in their hands, walk back to the house or business, and explain everything in the contract.

Most people who are dealing with replacing a roof simply want it over with. Either they have a major issue, like a leak or a hole in the roof, or they need to replace it, but it’s taking time out of their day. By giving them your offer in minutes, you can help them get the work on the books and the hassles out of the way faster and easier.

Immediate scheduling

“Okay, Mr. Jones, my crew will be here tomorrow morning at 11 am. They’re finishing up in the next town over and will be here then. I estimate the job will only take the afternoon.

“I’ve made arrangements for all the materials to be delivered here tomorrow morning so there won’t be any delays.

“And the invoice has gone to your insurance company. We can expect approval by tomorrow morning as well.

“You’re all set.”

With a quality FSM program, you can tell the client exactly when the crew will show up, when to expect the work to be completed, and exactly how payment is being handled.

Your scheduling software can help you see who is where, what’s left to do on current projects, and when team members will be available to take on a new project.

With Optsy, for example, your team can update the status of a job instantly from their phones. That means you know precisely what’s going on at every job site without needing to go there every day.

Faster follow-up with contacts

FSM software acts as your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software as well as managing the back of house. This means a file is created for every new client. Then you can use that to keep track of every conversation, every need, and be able to contact everyone with an informed answer.

When you get a call, email, or text into the office, your CRM software will start tracking that client. You can set reminders to reach out to them or even automate messages to contacts so you don’t even have to worry about it.

FSM software is one other easiest and fastest way to increase your efficiency, become more profitable, and land more sales. The best part is it also reduces stress and makes your life easier in every aspect of your roofing business.

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