Field service management software provides all kinds of benefits, from cutting administrative time to improving customer service to helping you win more jobs by responding to quote requests more quickly. But we also know how important it is for you to understand how much money you could actually save by implementing Optsy’s field services management software in your business. That’s why we ran the numbers and calculated that it could save you well over $4000 per year if you adopt Optsy. Here’s what our calculations are based on.

Average HVAC statistics and costs

That means Optsy’s FMS software could save you $3121.48 each year just by enabling you to send electronic invoices. And of course, if you’re not just an independent contractor, you can pretty much multiply that value by the number of employees you have.

And that doesn’t even take into account the direct financial benefits you could be experiencing, e.g.:

How much Optsy costs

If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll pay $189/month for your first user and an additional $139/month for each additional user. Support, updates, and training are included in those fees. This can be a good way to test out our software or temporarily increase your capacity if you hire several temporary contractors to cover a busy patch.

Alternatively, you can save big by buying lifetime licenses:

  •  $1,895 for lifetime access for your first user
  •  $1,395 for lifetime access for each additional staff member

Given Optsy could save you well over $4000 per year plus another $3k for each employee, that’s a pretty good lifetime price!

Explore the massive benefits of Optsy, risk-free, today

Optsy FSM software brings a huge range of benefits:

  •  Instead of spending your evenings drawing up estimates and quotes, only to have a competitor get there first, Optsy will enable you to respond to RFQs almost instantly, dramatically increasing your chances of winning each job
  •  Instead of spending your weekends creating invoices and receipts and updating your accounting data, Optsy makes it simple to issue invoices or take payments on the spot at job sites and it’ll automatically update your accounting software or enable you to easily export the details you need whenever you get paid
  •  Instead of searching through a booking diary or constantly rubbing out and re-writing entries on a whiteboard, Optsy will take care of creating the optimal schedule, so you can book customers in with the right people and at the right time within seconds
  •  Instead of competing on price in a race to the bottom, Optsy will help you stand out as an HVAC service provider that offers exceptional customer service, winning you more jobs and customer loyalty and allowing you to increase your prices
  • Instead of spending thousands of dollars on paper and manual invoices, Optsy will digitize and automate your invoices, saving you more than $3000 in invoice costs per employee
  •  And more!
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