Your customers will love this: first-time, right-time management of paperwork and contracts. The functionality includes:

  • SLA, warranty, and contract management
  • Readily available contract data
  • Automated scheduling and invoicing
  • Automated pricing


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    Learn More About Managing Service Level Agreements with Optsy

    Service Level Agreement Management with Optsy

    Your small to medium-size field service industry business’s success hinges upon efficient service level agreement management and other various customer contracts. The ability to locate all contractual terms for a particular client at the click of a mouse is pertinent to maintaining overall customer satisfaction, and Optsy’s latest version of service level agreement management software provides you and your employees with unparalleled contract data accessibility.

    Timeliness is what sets your field service business apart from the competition, and our software works the way you do by combining all relevant client service level agreement management information into one easy-to-use program.

    Optsy’s Service Level Agreement Management Takes You from Estimate to Invoice

    The latest updates to our field service management software interface provides users with all of the necessary tools that take a customer estimate to an invoice. Optsy’s service level agreement management software uses automated programming to organize and expand upon contractual data, starting with the initial sales process.

    Each service level agreement begins as an estimate within your customizable Optsy field service management system, and then grows to function as a proposal which you can offer to a particular client. You or another one of your company’s designated office employees can type the following service level agreement management details into a desired estimate:

    • Payment Terms
    • One time upfront
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Annually, etc.
    • Service level agreement management schedules
    • Recurring maintenance schedules and term
    • Special pricing arrangements

    After your client grants his or her approval of the time schedule and payment terms presented in a specific estimate, your office manager—or any other authorized company employee—can simply click on the “Activate Estimate” icon to generate a new service level agreement.

    Optsy works the way you do by utilizing the entered service level agreement management details to automate the entire billing and scheduling processes.

    Once a service level agreement has been activated within your Optsy field service management software, any labor hours or parts purchases allocated toward that particular work contract are grouped together within the agreement’s “Work Order” tab.

    A Service Level Agreement Management System that Includes Warranty Information

    Another way that Optsy simplifies service level agreement management is by pairing warranty contract data with the service level agreement to which it pertains. For example, if your small to medium-sized field service industry business offers a one-year warranty on a certain material or service, your office manager or another authorized office employee can create a warranty labor code that corresponds to the aforementioned material or service, and simply apply it to a service level agreement in your customizable Optsy software.

    Accessible, Organized Contract Information

    When a client calls your field service industry company regarding a work order’s contractual information, he or she is looking for a timely, informed response from you and your team. Optsy grants business owners, office managers, and other designated office employees easy access to service level agreements through “Agreement Lookup” icon. All you need to do is type in a specific service level agreement’s name or number in the search bar, and then click on the desired agreement from the displayed list.

    Once you select a particular service level agreement, all of the labor, parts, and other necessary data associated with the contract becomes easily accessible through a series of on-screen tabs. This relevant information includes, but is not limited to:

    • Customized pricing
    • Equipment utilized
    • Invoice records
    • Parts purchased
    • Profit-and-loss on the job
    • Original and maintenance scheduling
    • Time allocated
    • Work order history

    A Service Level Agreement Management System that Automates Pricing

    Our most recent version of Optsy field service management software offers automated pricing features that makes tedious number crunching obsolete. All of your field service industry business’s parts and labor codes are recorded within your customizable Optsy system, and each of these parts and labor codes have rates associated with them.

    These corresponding parts and labor rates that can be entered into customer service level agreements are tracked through the “Purchasing” feature within your Optsy field service management system, which also contains the original material cost before markups were applied.

    The “Purchasing” feature follows the Optsy dynamic: it is integrated with the rest of your company’s data to produce customizable profit-and-loss reports that showcase your company’s efficiency and drive profitability.

    Your integrated field service software also makes managing service level agreement pricing efficient and effective by offering users a “Charges” tab within each service level agreement screen.

    Within this tab, office managers and other office employees can enter and select line items to add to a particular work order’s invoice(s), and your Optsy software updates the billable dollar figure on each invoice accordingly. You can also set up automatic recurring invoices that are emailed to designated customers on a weekly or monthly basis from within the “Charges” tab.

    Automated Scheduling within Service Level Agreements

    Not only does your Optsy service level agreement management system automate pricing, but also it provides your small- to mid-sized field service industry business with automated scheduling capabilities. Our scheduling software caters toward more service-intensive industries, like yours, while maintaining recognizable components from programs like Microsoft Outlook.

    Optsy’s automated scheduling makes managing service level agreements easier than ever before by providing users with the “Agreement Schedules” function. This feature allows a company to schedule recurring maintenance appointments where the existing master schedule permits.

    Your customized Optsy service level agreement management software performs an internal search according to a designated recurring maintenance timeframe—whether it is weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.—, and locates a series of corresponding open time slots in which none of your business’s technicians are currently scheduled to work.

    Then, your Optsy field service management software automatically imports one of your company’s qualified technicians who is available during these available time slots into the master schedule.

    Flexible Service Level Agreement Management that Helps Optimize Your Company’s Performance

    Optsy’s service level agreement management software works the way you do by integrating your field service industry business’s invoicing, purchasing, and scheduling data into one easily navigable program.

    Our software’s interconnected design makes creating service level agreements from estimates, and then tracking these estimates through the final invoicing stage, hassle free. Managing customer contractual data with Optsy’s field service management system maximizes office and jobsite efficiency, and helps solidify new—and maintain existing—customer relationships.


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