Terms and Conditions

Service Contract Coverage

What is covered under your technical support contract?

  • Basic software usage questions and progam issues. View the Technician User Manual for mobile app overview.
  • Updates to the software that include program fixes, features and enhancements
  • Initial software installation of the FieldOne server application, excluding router and firewall configurations, which should be handled by your internal IT department or IT consultant

What is not covered under your technical support contract?

  • Software training and configuration; while the technical support contract does not provide for training, please refer to our online video tutorials and Webinars in the Training Center or the User Manual for more software usage information.
  • Technical issues related to or caused by a third party product or device
  • Configurations on your server, firewall or router
  • Technical support will be denied if the file structure of FieldOne has been tampered with or altered, the database schema has been tampered with or altered, or if the database has been modified outside of the application interface.

What services can we provide for an additional fee?

  • On-site or remote training or software configuration.
  • Data import from old system to FieldOne

Note: The terms above are subject to change. Please contact us with any questions.


The Optsy Team