It happened again. One of your service people arrived at a job and didn’t have the tools and equipment they needed. Cancel. Reschedule. Make the customer angry. Have another talk with the team about keeping everything stocked. Wasting more time.

Equipment and asset tracking is an essential part of a field service business. It’s not like everyone is in the same office and if you’re missing a hole punch, you can get up and grab it from the next cubicle. Your people are scattered all over. Even if they’re on the same job site, they might have to climb down from scaffolding, walk around the job site, find what they’re looking for, and get back to work. More lost time.

Using equipment and asset tracking, like the type that’s available in Optsy, you’ll know where every asset and piece of equipment is, the last person to sign it out, and where it might be now.

Where is it now?

Suddenly, that vital tool that cost you thousands of dollars isn’t where you expect it to be. You’re not sure who took it, but it’s somewhere among your team.

Pull up the log in the software, and you’ll find out who has the equipment, where it is, and how long they’ve had it.

Equipment info and maintenance

By entering your equipment into a database, you can track the make and model, know when it needs to be maintained next, and how much “mileage” it has on it. This makes it much easier to track and maintain everything in your inventory, even if it’s something you don’t see often.

Since there’s a central database, it can be maintained from the office. The administrative assistant can send a message to the field team to let them know that something needs to be maintained or returned to the office.

Repair history

Did it ever feel you’ve fixed the same piece of equipment five times? But you’re not really sure.

Using equipment tracking software, you can see exactly what repairs were done, when, and how much it cost. If one piece of equipment keeps breaking, you’ll be able to see that it’s losing you money.

Adding GPS tags

Pair this software with GPS tracking software and you can prevent theft, loss, and find everything even faster. Using GPS tags, you’re able to see on a map exactly where something is. If it made it into the wrong vehicle, you’ll see exactly where it is. If it was stolen, it will take you just a few minutes to track it down.

Eelink, a company that makes GPS equipment, has written an article on this issue for construction companies that can help illuminate the idea of GPS tracking for your equipment.

Track everything for efficiency

Spending hours looking for a single piece of equipment wastes a lot of time. Track your equipment and assets so you know where everything is all the time.