Want to free up business resources so you and your staff spend more time on revenue-generating tasks? You need these free automation resources. They’ll not only save you time and help you make more money — they’ll even reduce costly admin errors. With benefits like that, why would you not automate your service business?

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the resources! 

1. Free quote template

When you run a service business, you need to be quoting on projects regularly. On top of that, you need to deliver quotations to potential customers quickly otherwise a competitor will snaffle your projects. But it’s expensive to set aside a dedicated staff member who does nothing but prepare quotes. That’s where automation comes in.

Simply collate a list of your services and their prices. Then figure out what questions you need to ask your prospects in order to figure out which service or services they need. Once you have that info, build a form on your website with those questions. There are then great tools that can take the responses prospects give when they fill in the form and populate a quote template with the prospect’s details and the services that match their needs. Then BAM — you’ve got yourself a completely automated quote. You can even have your automation tool automatically send the document to your prospect if you like.

If that sounds useful to you, grab this free quote template to get you started. 

2. Free estimate template

If your projects aren’t as well defined — say the cost to lay pipes depends on whether you find rock in the soil — then you can do exactly the same thing but with estimates.

If that’s more your jam, grab our free estimates template.

To view our templates click here.

3. Free invoice template

Once you’ve delivered your services, do your customers pay immediately? Or do you spend your weekends drawing up invoices?

If it’s the latter, let’s work on you regaining your weekend! Automate those invoices.

The same automation tool should allow you to mark a scheduled job as complete after giving you the opportunity to specify any additional project costs. And then it should automatically populate your invoice template with the customer’s details, the actual job fees, and all the details required to create a legal invoice in your country. It might even automatically email the invoice to your customer if you want it to.

Not only does this reduce admin time and therefore costs, it also helps you get paid faster, which is crucial for good small business finances.

So, grab your free invoice template right now!

4. Free receipt template

My favorite coffee shop is still handwriting their receipts. Can you believe it — when a customer asks for a receipt, they spend just as much time writing the receipt as they do making the coffee! Imagine how much more coffee they could sell if they would just invest in point-of-sale software that automatically prints receipts.

And imagine how much time you’d free up if you were using software to automatically generate and issue receipts to your customers on payment.

Here’s a free receipt template to help you do that just that.

And if you’re not issuing receipts to your customers, we strongly recommend starting the habit. Customers like to have their payments formally acknowledged and some like the record of payment. By not issuing receipts, you push those customers away.

5. Free inventory tracker template

Keeping up with inventory can be particularly challenging when you have a field service business. It can be easy to lose track of inventory based on what is or isn’t happening out in the field. To gain a better handle on inventory use, it helps to have an automated inventory tracker that helps you keep up with stock levels, check tools in and out, get supplier details, and have a dashboard that always keeps you abreast on what’s in stock. 

Our free inventory tracker template is the perfect automation resource for that.

6. Free profit and loss statement template

Do you have an accountant who does all your business tax stuff? If you answered ‘yes’ good on you!

But do you know the financial status of your business outside of tax time? Do you have a snapshot of your business finances at the tip of your fingers at any time of the day or night?

If not, you need a profit and loss statement.

A profit and loss statement, or P&L statement, allows you to take a look at the financial status of your business, so you can make a call on whether you need to make any adjustments to prices, etc. An automated profit and loss statement makes it easy to produce these types of reports within seconds.

Get your template now.

Using templates as automation resources in your business

Automation makes doing business less challenging, frees up time you would otherwise spend on creating systems, and allows you to utilize your time in ways that help to create revenue for your business. With Optsy, you can automate almost every aspect of your field service business — except the services you provide to your customers, of course. And the templates in this article are designed to make it that much easier for you to automate your admin.

Our templates are available in multiple versions (word, excel, google docs, google sheets) so you can use the version that’s easiest for you regardless of what toolstack you use in your business. If you’re using Optsy, we can set them up in your account for you.

If you’re not yet one of our customers, schedule a demo of the Optsy FSM software to see for yourself how easy it can be to automate your business and make managing your field service business a breeze.