We once worked with a long-term electrical company — family-owned — that was fairly small and did about eight to ten service calls per day, maximum. Over time, their output started to increase. On one entire wall of their office was a beautiful color-coded matrix of technician responsibilities, service calls, upcoming needs, and more. It was totally transparent because everyone working in the office could see all the information at once.

What this company needed was a digital (or software) version of their color-coded wall matrix, and that’s what we delivered for them. Our electrical contractor software allows you to:

  • Make notes
  • Assign tasks
  • Integrate with a calendar
  • Monitor technician appointment times and see trends
  • Keep customer information all in one place

You may not have had a color-coded wall map at your office before you turned to field service management software, but our goal is to help you get as close as possible, within our software, to whatever system you had. We understand change is hard and business moves fast; you don’t want to waste time learning completely new processes. We work with you on customized features to make it easier for a majority of your staff to adopt.

Learn More About How Optsy Field Service Management Software Can Benefit Your Electrical Company

Electrical Contractor Software that Improves Your Business Practices

Improve your small-to-medium-size electrical business’s office and jobsite efficiency with Optsy’s most recent version of electrical contractor software. The latest updates to our software program helps electrical installation and repair companies like yours expand your customer base and increase your bottom line.

If you have been looking for a better, more efficient way to keep track of customer information, your company’s technicians, profits and losses, and other data that is vital to your electrical installation and repair company’s success, look no further than Optsy. Our dynamic, user-friendly electrical company management software gives users a way to monitor and perform accounting, dispatching, inventory tracking, routing, scheduling, and work order management functions—all within one easy-to-use program.

Electrician Dispatch Software that Decreases Time on the Road

One of your electrical business’s main expenses is the fuel cost for your company trucks. Another major expense that comes along with fuel cost is maintaining and repairing these same business vehicles. Optsy’s electrician dispatch software reduces the costs that comes along with routing your technicians to customers’ locations by using jobsite GPS coordinates to organize each of your techs’ daily travel schedules. You have the ability to assign your workers to jobs that are nearby each other in order to reduce mileage on your company vehicles.

Optsy’s electrician dispatch software has a route assistant feature in the schedule board that allows you to filter through employees’ schedules by date, time, and mileage radius in order to create efficient daily travel routes for your technicians. Our electrical contractor software works the way you do by integrating your business’s dispatching, routing, and scheduling functions into an on-screen calendar.

Track Your Electrical Installation and Repair Equipment Inventory with Optsy’s Electrical Contractor Software

Optsy’s latest version of electrical scheduling and electrician dispatch software also allows you to track your business’s equipment inventory levels. You can manage and view your electrical business’s inventory by clicking on the “Warehouse Lookup” icon located in the “Lookup Manager” box on the left side of your Optsy screen. This feature allows you to see what tools and materials are in specific company storerooms and trucks.

It is important for your electrical installation and repair business to monitor small tools and parts so your company can restock inventory when supplies are running low. You want your technicians to have all of the proper tools and necessary materials to complete jobsite work on the first try, which gives your customers a favorable opinion of your business. These favorable opinions lead to repeat business and new customer referrals, and allows your electrical installation and repair company to make more money.

Electrical Company Management Software that Combines Work Order Information

Another key factor to making your electrical business more efficient is by having all of your customers’ work order data in one program. Optsy’s electrical contractor software lets you view service level agreements, estimates, labor hours, parts, and invoices for every work order by using the “Work Order Lookup.” Simply type in a customer’s work order number, and all of the information associated with that job pulls up on one screen, saving your office employees and technicians time by not having to click back and forth between accounting and scheduling software programs.

Perform Accounting Functions in Your Optsy Electrician Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Along with Optsy’s dispatching, inventory, and scheduling components, our electrical company management software also lets you keep track of your business’s accounting functions. Instead of using separate accounting software programs like QuickBooks, you can manage your electrical installation and repair business’s accounts payable, accounts receivable, employee time tracking, payroll, and vendor bills and payments in your custom Optsy electrical contractor software.

Integrating your business’s accounting and scheduling functions allows you to create custom job costing reports in your Optsy software system that not only lets you see how much time and what kinds of materials are being used on jobs, but also the associated labor and parts costs. This information helps your business manage job costs and adjust prices accordingly in order to maximize your company’s profits.

Optsy’s Mobile App Improves Technician Efficiency

Most electrician scheduling and electrician dispatching software is only used on desktop computers. However, Optsy’s electrical company management software has a mobile app that lets your office employees and technicians at job sites add, edit, and exchange work order information in real time. Both desktop and mobile app users can change existing or enter new data, and by having real-time updates, office employees and technicians at job sites do not have to spend extra time making calls to communicate specific customer and job information.

In order to make your electrical installation and repair business more efficient and complete work in a timely manner, your technicians need to have access to service level agreements, parts history, and other specific work order notes. This information allows your company’s technicians to provide the highest level of service for your customers, and in turn, makes your company more money in the long run.

Flexible and Familiar Electrical Company Management Software

The main components that make Optsy’s electrical company management software stand out from the competition is its flexible “Lookups” and reporting features. You can view and edit inventory levels, work order details, and the like through multiple different Optsy icons, “Lookups,” tabs, and screens, and you can also create custom reports that show only the information that you want to see.

Whether this information includes labor hours on jobs, material costs, or profits and losses by job, your Optsy electrical company management software can show you the data that can help your run your business in a more efficient way, and also add to your small- to medium-sized electrical installation and repair company’s bottom line.

Electrical Contractor Software that Improves Your Business Practices


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