Finding new roofing customers is a hassle. The worst part is that once the job is done, in a few days or a week, they’re done with you, usually for 20 or 30 years!

How can you keep that pipeline filled? How can you keep a steady flow of customers coming in the door?

Before we talk about specific ways you can generate new customer leads, you need to make a commitment: commit to marketing your business for at least 30 minutes every day. That might mean you set up some new ads or that you drop off flyers in a neighborhood, but you need a market every day. If you’re not marketing every day, it will show in a few weeks or months when the line of customers dries up.

1.Pay per click

Setting up ads online where you pay for each click is easy. To do it effectively, you might want some help, but it’s a great way to promote your business regularly. Every day and night, whether you’re asleep or on a roof, these ads can generate leads to your website or your scheduling software.

2. Door-to-door 

Riding through a neighborhood, especially the one you’re working in, and dropping flyers at doors is an easy way to find great new leads. Offer an “in the area” discount.

Your crew can help. They can ride with you and run up to the doors. They can even write the address on an envelope that contains a flyer, inviting the customer to contact you ASAP to get a massive discount. This can save you from needing to leave a neighborhood; you can move from house to house for weeks.

3. Insurance agents

Making friends with insurance agents is one of the best ways to find customers. Many times, the insurance company will require their customers to get a new roof or have been called when the roof is leaking. Some can make referrals at the local level. Work to get on their lists of preferred providers.

4. Storm chasing 

Any time there have been massive storms, there’s likely to be storm damage that needs to be repaired. You can drive through these neighborhoods, talking to people and offering free roof inspections with a drone. Each inspection might take 15 or 20 minutes, but you can find those homes that need a new roof. Even better, have someone else do the drone operating and have an estimate expert on hand. Go there for the inspection, talk to the homeowners, then call the estimator immediately. Ask them to turn something out in a few hours.

5. A great website

Even a quick look around will show you that most roofing contractors have terrible websites. They often look ancient and have bad stock photos.

Build a website that really works, allows customers to see before and after images, and makes it easy to contact you. Spend money on a website with great SEO and a modern design. You’ll get your money back fast.

Every day marketing

Remember: marketing every day is important! If you make it part of everything you do, you’ll have many more customers, instead of feast or famine .