At the most basic level, our software can help you integrate:

  • Customer information
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatch
  • Inventory
  • Technician GPS locations
  • Billing and invoicing

The ultimate goal is a seamless experience for the customer (repeat business and referrals can follow) and a painless experience for your back office (lower turnover among staff, less bickering).

Better integration and field staff management also often lead to more jobs in less time, which helps with revenue growth as well.

Much like some of the HVAC companies we work with, refrigeration companies often do high-priority, low-margin-for-error work with their clients. As such, you need a system in place that can allow you to schedule, dispatch, and link inventory with short turnaround times — and make sure your customers’ experiences are the best they possibly can be. If your customers have malfunctioning refrigeration at their sites, they don’t want to be jumping through a lot of process hoops with their field service provider. We understand poor customer service as customers ourselves, so we design our solutions to eliminate those pain points as quickly and effectively as possible.

Learn More About How Optsy Field Service Management Software Can Benefit Refrigeration Companies

The refrigeration industry is always chasing the clock. Whether your client’s refrigeration goes out in the middle of the summer or the refrigeration system fails at a busy restaurant, you need an effective means of responding to their needs. Effective and versatile field service management software from Optsy provides a customizable platform able to schedule the closest technician, locate the nearest parts to repair the walk-in, and track work time and costs from a single creation of a work order. Your staff can access the same information you see at the office on a tablet or smartphone and provide timely and correct feedback to the client on site without waiting for the office to open.

Single Platform Coordinates Staff, Parts, and Schedule

Instead of duplicating information between your purchasing software and employee scheduling / dispatching, Optsy can build a system that ties all the elements of your daily operations together. Crucial parts of the work order needed at job sites are stored on the cloud and your technician can check on delivery time of new parts and even the location of their co-worker who is picking up the unit.

Field Service Management Software Satisfies Your Refrigeration Customers with Prompt and Effective Service

Information is power and Optsy gives companies the information needed to increase efficiency across the board. Your supervisors will be able to efficiently optimize your labor force and provide time saving navigation to reach the next call on time.

Save Time and Improve Accounting Procedures with On-Site Work Order Completion

There’s no lag time between the completion of a job and waiting for the technician to turn in their paperwork. Work orders are created, edited as portions of the job are completed, and delivered to your accounts receivable with a simple click of a button. Clients receive their bills quicker, which results in less lag time between work completed and when the invoice is paid.

Provide Immediate Information to Your Refrigeration Clients

There’s nothing more frustrating to a client than wondering when a needed part will finally arrive for their only freezer. With field service management software from Optsy, your technician is able to provide a quick and clear response without waiting on a reply from the office who has to call the distributor. You’ll build a better reputation as a business who values their customers’ time and increase ROI in the process.


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